Inside Newsweek's 'Mad Men' Issue

Tina Brown explains how she decided to take the magazine back to the '60s.
2:17 | 03/21/12

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Transcript for Inside Newsweek's 'Mad Men' Issue
So why madman why -- why -- the inside the deep Tina brain lighted -- comfort for. It was hot -- went off my head when queen is said that -- was so much pot of that period I had just been looking at all the old found Newsweek's 'cause I love to go to the -- -- for inspiration. Because the -- was so copping to in terms of what -- -- in the culture and in terms of every committee wrote about and also I'm not fat you know it's very restrained -- much as -- and the magazines on today but it's it's very Coxe had terrific and political coverage particularly its core rate on the on the -- -- -- the watts riots. Terrific on this decaying and Timothy Cologne have been in Johnson Vietnam was a school courses it's it's. Continues subject. So I've been looking at those -- issues but why wouldn't be fun to just kind of go back to that period I never thought we would actually get the appetizing to be the -- been so much fun now looking at the finished issue because it really does feel. Like magazine that is correct term of a real retro magazine but it also feels very much alive today it's it's -- -- -- in a time machine the only thing that hasn't been ruled because -- -- -- Did it. The magazine that day two the Taliban's I didn't know that what is the cultural phenomenon that -- one of the I think the aspects that when it comes some interest and people is is is the social -- as much as the professionals and it's really about. Francis it differently than men and women interact so the women -- Really much more subordinate unit trying to kind of do things like -- talking Portland college -- Struggling with being a mother who wants to get out which is of course the beginning of the woman's liberation here. And of course aesthetically it's just it's -- feast of the it would look about style and and recreated so. The beast is not to be left out however the madman and of course that that was up of funny that a creative -- of course that wasn't Internet and 66 there was no. Old Internet to get back to civilian society create a news week homepage for the -- -- this week that. Looks like it might have -- in 1960s -- So this is -- take if they weren't Internet. If there was an Internet not a 66 there's the Sudanese we pay articles on an awful lot with it looks so great at that we should -- Pincus every week.

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{"duration":"2:17","description":"Tina Brown explains how she decided to take the magazine back to the '60s.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"15974036","title":"Inside Newsweek's 'Mad Men' Issue","url":"/Nightline/video/inside-newsweeks-mad-men-issue-15974036"}