Instant Chemistry: Putting Relationships to a Genetic Test

Company tests couples' DNA in an effort to measure their compatibility.
6:26 | 07/08/14

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Transcript for Instant Chemistry: Putting Relationships to a Genetic Test
From matchmakers to online dating, helping you find love is a huge business. What if the secret is something rooted in your DNA? And there's actually a way to unlock it? Here's Abe's bianna golodryga. Reporter: By the time Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson walked down the aisle this weekend, we already knew they had great chemistry together. After all, they've T gotwo kids to prove it. Right? But the question is, do they have what it takes to stay together? Love, everyone wants it but not everyone finds it. Reporter: Even the millionaire matchmaker will tell you -- If he didn't have money tomorrow, would I date him? No, yawn, he'd put me to sleep. Reporter: Money can't always buy you long-lasting love. Mr. Serial dater. Likes all the candy in the candy store, can't decide what flavor to take home with you. You're not a 10. Reporter: What if the secret to knowing if Mr. Right is more than just Mr. Right now, is assism as this? You're not a good spitter. Reporter: What if in the search for compatibility it's what's inside that counts? Way inside? Not just finding out that your relationship problems are actually in your genes and you can solve them. Reporter: Instant chemistry is one of the newest matchmaking services and it's all based on the idea that your genes determine compatibility. Sounds good, right? We decided to put it to the test. Couple number one, meet maria and taso, both greek-american and they've been happily[ñ married for five years. But it wasn't love at first sight. Honestly? I could not imagine my life with anyone else. But at the time, to me, he was just like your stereotypical Greek man. Reporter: Now that she has two kids she's hoping she and taso are genetically destined to be. I guess I'm a little nervous. If it shows that we're very much apart and we don't have a genetic makeup that would result in a fruitful partnership, you know. Then I guess -- I don't know. It makes me nervous. Not that it would be over. Couple number two, Hagan and Katie met the old-fashioned way. We met at the office. I came in as an intern. He was an adult intern. Reporter: So far, most matchmaking methods haven't impressed them. You can kind of cheat, like any personality test, but this is actually science. Reporter: I couldn't resist dragging my own husband in for one more test. I've done it all, from ancestral genetic testing to a facial recognition test to see if peter and I really were picture perfect. 63% is a pretty good number. That is a match. Great news for us, peter. Reporter: What makes instant chemistry different Thon all the rest? Usingn line dating it's easy to look at the person and say whether they're pretty. There's no real way if you're going to tell if you have chemistry with them. Reporter: That's why these happily married scientists created this business. When you hear the term chemistry you think of sparks flying. You don't necessarily think of your DNA being compatible. It is these genes that are leading to that spark and that sort of physical attraction. Where are you, my little cabbage? Reporter: Pepe lepew may not have been far off. The idea behind skaent chemistry is our unique scents are what attracts us to each other. We're not just talking about perfume. That unique scent actually comes from genes in our immune system. And when it comes to those genes, opposites attract. If you have two people together with different immune systems and they have a child, the more diverse those genes are, the more chance the child has of withstanding different pathogens or infections. Reporter: Basically, just like in the rest of the animal kingdom, we are naturally driven to find someone that we can have the healthiest kids with. But we all know finding that perfect match isn't all that easy. These scientists say this is where instant chemistry can help. All it takes is a bit of spit. I guess I'm ready to spit. All right, great. Thank you for choosing instant chemistry. Spit until the amount of saliva reaches the fill line. Whoa. Fill line? Holy crap, that's a lot of saliva. Shouldn't do this the first time you meet somebody. Reporter: At home my husband volunteered his DNA. I hope this worked. Seal ship, done. Reporter: Now we wait. Our fate lies in its hands. Reporter: For $200 any couple can get a testing kit delivered to their door. It includes a personality assessment. Instant chemistry has only been around since January. Through partnerships with matchmaking services they say their product has results in dozens of happily ever afters. But it is controversial. Some scientists say there's just not enough data out there to support their claims. Others say the test is bogus. There have been scientist hot said, of course your immune system and variabilities are going to be different, you come from different backgrounds. There's published scientific papers that have shown couples who are more dissimilar in immune system are more lily attracted to one another. Reporter: Our scores are in. Drumroll, please. 98% genetic compatibility. That is crazy. Good to know. Glad I know. It's good also because we have two kids. So that means they have a good genetic makeup. I'm very happy. Reporter: Katie and Hagan? Oh! Genetic compatibility, 10%? Good thing they don't take it too seriously. So no kids? No kids, no kids. Just keep your genes to yourself. Reporter: It's our turn. All right, the big moment's here, you ready? Of course I'm ready. Genetic compatibility is -- 60% for an overall average percentage of 64%. Although I do have to say most long-lasting couples were found to have genetic compatibility higher than 74%, all hope is not lost. I'll take it. Reporter: Who cares about DNA. I'll stick with the one I've got. Could be worse. That's pretty good. Still in love? Yeah.

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{"id":24462358,"title":"Instant Chemistry: Putting Relationships to a Genetic Test","duration":"6:26","description":"Company tests couples' DNA in an effort to measure their compatibility.","url":"/Nightline/video/instant-chemistry-putting-relationships-genetic-test-24462358","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}