U.S. Troops: Coming Home

The last U.S. troops have now left Iraq. Was it all worth it?
4:23 | 12/27/11

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Transcript for U.S. Troops: Coming Home
Many military families around the nation got a holiday gift. They -- hardly imagine just a few years ago their loved ones finally home from the battlefield in Iraq but -- missed all these celebrations. There is tension. That's because Iraq is still facing widespread strife -- spate of sectarian violence tearing the country apart. Including another suicide bombing in Baghdad today. And an increasingly fragile government there are Martha Raddatz was there. The last troops left Iraq and she brings us the very latest. They could be seen on the night of the US war in Iran. Yeah at least a dozen explosions -- across Baghdad in the last few days. Car bombs. -- explosive devices targeting schools. Markets and today the interior ministry leaving more than six dead and hundreds wounded. And in the halls of power a different kind of crisis. The Shiite dominated government issuing an arrest warrant for this Sunni vice president. Accusing him of ordering attacks on government officials and police officers. This burst of sectarian unrest and violence comes just days after this. I don't love. The picture perfect ending to what the US military called operation new dawn. More than 100. Massive US military vehicles. Roaring over the border from -- the last American servicemen and women to complete the pullout. Top of. Going home. For both the US and the Iraqis this war one of the most controversial and modern history. Seemingly had many -- The statue of Saddam Hussein tumbling. The brutal dictator himself turned to disheveled fugitive. Captured and executed. That premature pronouncement of victory. Major combat operations in Iraq have ended. Yet the war continued after each of those milestones. 800 billion dollars nearly 4500. US lives. More than 30000 Americans wounded. And more than 100000. Iraqi lives. We choose wind the final march out seemed so surreal. The 500 soldiers on the last convoy. Gathered at camp -- in southern Iraq earlier this month to make final preparations for the ride out. At the very front of this last convoy there will be will clearing vehicles they will be the vehicles. And -- personnel looking for roadside bombs this is still a very dangerous place. We -- and why we left in darkness for the more than 100 mile journey. And why soldiers were constantly vigilant. People here. Overhead layers of surveillance and reconnaissance tracked our convoys progress at every moment. These images from an unmanned predator drone. Inside the armored vehicle this soldiers looked forward to own eyes and -- -- -- -- he's not. Specialist Jason McEntire was eager to see his daughter born just -- days before he left for Iraq. And while there wasn't a soldier we spoke to did not talk about the war with pride the high price was never far from their minds. For all the soldiers before me. Now that they gave the ultimate sacrifice just just for this day right here I mean they may not be here to see it but it happened. There wasn't for nothing. With the political balance of power threatening to unravel and violent shaking what was a veneer of stability. All the US can do now is hope -- Iraqis seize the opportunity. And make the sacrifices. For Nightline I'm Martha Raddatz in Washington.

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{"id":15237433,"title":"U.S. Troops: Coming Home","duration":"4:23","description":"The last U.S. troops have now left Iraq. Was it all worth it?","url":"/Nightline/video/iraq-troops-military-obama-war-15237433","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}