Isaac Aftermath: Towns Underwater, Tornadoes

Storm surge remains a significant threat as frantic evacuations continue in Mississippi, Louisiana.
3:00 | 08/31/12

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Transcript for Isaac Aftermath: Towns Underwater, Tornadoes
Throughout the week here at the Republican National Convention the Specter of hurricane Isaac has hovered over the proceedings. They flashed up on the big screen the number for the Red Cross of people can make donations my co anchor bill where. Is on the scene there in the aftermath down a New -- -- Well Terry wonder of wonders are actually getting a glimpse of the moon over New Orleans tonight for the first time since the storm rolled in and for the million people without power there will take all the light that they can get -- actually had a experience to be over this city today and -- a couple. Who really exemplified. Isaacs aftershock. -- voice of Donny Daniels and over there is the house Donny and Marie games. But that's not their white car -- that was put there but he will ensure -- -- tree. This afternoon after a couple days of this hell and high water. The Daniels loaded -- suitcase in their twenty year old cat in the basket of the Coast Guard helicopter. When they touchdown they were still shaking their heads that Isaak surprising power. Org search came up so fast that it did nobody expected anything like that we've never seen. I understand that much -- That is Coast Guard lieutenant Keith Mitchell -- -- She and her crew spent the last couple days soaking -- and surprise. Out of Isaacs aftermath. But she -- have enough -- to show me around the American water world that is southern Louisiana. And the trip was. It's code affluence doesn't matter to mother nature. I saw mentions in Slidell and shacks and welcoming parish cheering in this -- Isaac left such a mess out here in the -- they actually live -- -- town. Called -- plots which is the complete disaster zone it was a sight of so much human drama today. And for latest details let's go to ABC's Matt Gutman. Communities in -- -- across Louisiana today the faces of desperation young old Brighton yet. The rescuers are -- and are you feeling. Tens of thousands on the move as the waters continue to rise faster they -- Cook it. In the -- Louisiana thousands of national guards police sheriff's deputies and volunteers. Watching what looked like and it -- salt and water so deep. It appears could -- keep its -- above the water. In Mississippi tornadoes spawned by -- landed. -- this house the flooding and rain have swallowed up communities whole. My crew and I spent the day in the plus Louisiana where more than 3100 residents were evacuated. Helter skelter rescued by helicopter and boat. We sit out in the dead of night to link up with alpha team at the Louisiana wildlife and fisheries we've -- about good water. Places nearly impassable. -- finally gone -- eight Kathleen Parker a veteran of Hurricane Katrina. With ten shallow draft -- we -- towards development entirely submerged on yeah. They get built mirage effect we found in your receipt even rescuers shocked -- lines. Well the fortress of levees rebuilt around the world into the wake of Hurricane Katrina hit this city shape. Some of the smaller surrounding communities were -- They're boom local levees built to protect them. Water -- this woman wading through -- for bother. Us. I think you're thinking that this could be -- Most homes had been abandoned one -- The big news rising four inches an hour now lapping over street's -- tops of mailboxes in cars. There -- poking out of the water. Well most of her neighbors had been ferried to safety and McClung state. Now she was still trying to salvage some of her belongings she and her family boarded our -- And very -- its safety. So many we found -- this transfer center carried only the clothes they were -- and beloved pets and admits -- cold and damp and the loss. Well to the north of New Orleans a new anxiety today. Tens of thousands more people told to evacuate when a -- threatened to break. -- -- if you take a more important. In the park to help ABC's rhino which was there as fans were given just ninety minutes together all that was dear to them. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- My children -- Sister's children how stressful it -- -- very little time. The -- that have reached its in its 700 acre lake spilling over. And tonight engineer to using pumps to relieve pressure and at school again. And we were lucky to get out of there that back road that we took to get in was even more flooded on the way out. Now we spoke with some of those rescuers who have gone back -- they did it pretty much everybody who wanted to get out and be evacuated has been. Still the National Guard is gonna go back in using. Thermal technology. Make sure nobody was left behind in evacuation area bill. Not many thanks so much work to do so many stories to -- and ABC's extreme weather team will keep doing just that tomorrow morning. Good Morning America.

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{"id":17123366,"title":"Isaac Aftermath: Towns Underwater, Tornadoes","duration":"3:00","description":"Storm surge remains a significant threat as frantic evacuations continue in Mississippi, Louisiana.","url":"/Nightline/video/isaac-aftermath-towns-underwater-tornadoes-17123366","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}