Janet Jackson on Weight, MJ

Jackson talks about her struggles with her body image and Conrad Murray trial.
5:49 | 12/16/11

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Transcript for Janet Jackson on Weight, MJ
Janet Jackson is the most famous member of the wildly successful show business family that's felt firsthand the scalding heat of the clean lights. Now 45 miss Jackson opens up about her lifelong struggle with body image which began with child stardom. So when her famously sheltered thirteen year old -- Paris spoke out today about her decision to join the family business. Anti Janet's advice resonant. No one knows better than Janet Jackson about growing up in the spotlight. Line Houston is an eight year old belting out a tune on the -- Burnett show many. Holding her own alongside her Brothers good -- -- Yet she says behind the fame was the pain that comes with -- time to stop for -- just less -- she's not. This team newsroom when I did get time. I remember -- my very first -- the wardrobe woman she hasn't given them. -- contest contestants too -- I was developing -- a very unique in the following seasons and that need it means when. And you're all of twelfth yet internalized -- them. It. Just to them for years. Which may be why she is especially protective of her thirteen year old -- -- once so guarded by her father Michael this is your first time on television. Today gave a public interview to Ellen DeGeneres. Do you remember wearing masks going this is what kind of weird yeah like -- they -- -- math right. They and -- I can really sold our guy like the only try to protect us tell you daddy wanted to act yeah. Now she's about to join a family business one that's brought fame and fortune but left Janet emotionally scarred your -- -- assigned to do a movie. -- -- -- And happy for her because this is that she must do you at twelve. Had a very interesting experience do you share that kind of advice with her. I told us that he should -- to this time to enjoy your youth to its fullest did you lose so much of his child. -- The damage those early years set in motion a lifelong struggle with body image where did that come from. -- -- when as a kid being the baby -- from and he hit teens Michael would tissue yet about a -- -- -- -- and -- that. The my adult life. Even at the pinnacle -- stardom with those abs of steel and scantily clad and didn't. You didn't like it you won't -- Hollis you were the beauty ideal for a generation. Women. It's not -- -- some time but his sense. So that I could very -- and myself apart and that's what I would do. And while her anthem became I'm in control she felt. -- -- When you were fluctuating what -- -- comfort foods you know. Ice -- sometimes chips cookies some -- healthy food is too much. And -- weight ballooned in 2005 this paparazzi shot shows a much heavier Janet in her newly released paperback true view. She shares her lifelong battle for self acceptance. Janet says her painful journey is what makes her want to help others ended -- a surprising move today she reveals her newest world. As a paid spokesperson. You need to -- Easy that works for you. Making consistent success yet. Just consume mixed system I have struggled. Patent issues with this home. She completes a trio and indeed those who signed up to sell competing diets in the roughly sixty. Fifty billion dollar weight loss industry Mariah -- -- baby weight with Jenny. Jennifer Hudson house Weight Watchers the brand leader followed by Nutrisystem one of the big criticism is I don't like the taste of that. Pre packaged food I tasted -- -- Cookies online from home that I can go on -- and -- liberalism. She's undaunted by research. That suggests 80% of most Dieter to read gained weight on national weight loss plants as someone who has Yo-Yo back and forth what makes. You think that this. One is going to be different it's a matter of learning how to keep frank that maintenance and they have a program for. For Janet Jackson 2011 has been a year -- blank it's been. I -- in the packed scenes some sad news like real living the trauma -- brother's death. During the trial of Conrad Murray who's now serving a four year jail sentence when it came to the trial. You tweeted out justice has been sort. What did you mean. Thinking exactly that even though it doesn't remember -- back this. Would be you know to. The consistent when they must been terrible scene that courtroom. It was difficult -- on us. It wasn't easy sitting there -- -- but 2011 has also been a year of new beginning. And an international concert. Janet Jackson also guards the memory of the brother with him she was so close what do you want your brother's legacy to me. To some it's. From his love for children his love for people with some friends and -- solidify. Friends -- friends. When do you think that amounts to every -- routine there. Did this group.

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{"id":15168095,"title":"Janet Jackson on Weight, MJ","duration":"5:49","description":"Jackson talks about her struggles with her body image and Conrad Murray trial. ","url":"/Nightline/video/janet-jackson-weight-mjs-death-15168095","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}