When Jason Segel Meets Muppets

What happens when this provocative actor directs a cast of G-rated misfits?
6:45 | 11/04/11

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Transcript for When Jason Segel Meets Muppets
This -- remembered the Muppet Show many -- remember the delightfully subversive humor that came when the likes of Alice Cooper Gilda Radner or Peter Sellers. Shared the stage with America's most beloved bits -- felt. So it's kind of brilliant to revive this franchise -- picked a guy best known for his lovable launch. Jason Segal and as ABC's Chris -- explains he gets paid on frog romance. Better than anyone in Hollywood. Familiar faces singing cracking jokes and ready for reckless. And always. Deeply felt -- I think -- -- And you turn the Muppets are back from a decade long hiatus in well. The Muppets in which the gang reunites for a show after a major -- kiosk for. Chris wood -- anymore -- charts. That -- Miss -- become the plus size editor of -- vote. Miss picky and she does well. And Fuzzy bear running a photo Muppets tribute show in Las Vegas. -- -- Here bringing back Kermit animal and the rest of these characters from their real life semi oblivion is an unlikely savior of the -- in this movie. A star from a most -- -- -- -- genre. 31 year old Jason Segal who bared all in the hit forgetting Sarah Marshall. Is the writer and actor who's been entrusted with the re launching. Possibly the most beloved family franchise but the last fifty years. What's your favorite thing that Jason. Is that done I'd and its staff because yeah yeah I -- that -- -- in full -- The -- -- McGovern camps. Well he does have a trench coat. Definitely would have even with even scarier. I. Could -- But it was a lifelong love of all things Muppets tonight -- who -- here. Did anyone ever say. Who do you think you wore I think. Think that first there was -- fear that I was gonna do it with a sense of irony but I think very quickly. They saw that picture we love them up at an event -- first. Created by the great Jim Henson back in 1955. The Muppets said an impeccable standard for clever gently subversive heavily comedy. -- letters numbers and values and Sesame Street put -- manic performances for team he's the Muppets show. Starring in six pun filled -- only features starting with the Muppet movie but it -- Back in the eighties Muppets even turned up on the occasional news program. Good -- -- -- -- -- to have you with us I didn't know you were going to -- watching out -- ready to -- me that you looked no different. Off to a great start Chris -- up. Have you had any work done -- -- -- them. Magic got back about the great start. It's the longest running story in movies. When he visited the pressure for the fifty million dollar film. Romance flew between -- two charismatic lead what is the current status of your relationship. -- -- -- -- -- -- Their relationship that's -- of course well it's our -- -- deputy you'll be happy to tell -- I'm -- -- Else where Chris is sort of between is now yet. Until this year it was like a -- out of one of their filled. The case of the missing profits with no new -- TV special -- feature length film since 1999. Less than successful Muppets in states. Even the -- Internet tried to build avoid running -- over copyright laws with momentary -- that means. -- said Kermit I told her to my -- self. -- -- is evil. -- I want -- -- To bring them up it's back to those first three movies they defined -- I wanted to be as a comedian as a kid how many times that you watch us. The -- I watch or go to sleep a lot. Steve I thank -- painting ourselves -- Australia's channel five news. It would Siegel who ensure that Sarah Marshall ended with a lavish puppet musical. -- -- -- -- -- Hard in his -- thinking in those characters live on in the house he bought from Jim Henson's daughter Lisa. This is a small small portion of my -- my -- collection we have we have here. The profits from forgetting Sarah Marshall only a circular my Angel. Along with a screening -- worth of puppets and look at the -- he's avidly collected over the years editor Jason Segal -- And this is the first -- but I ever owned didn't eighty Adams say that if you kept putting all this Muppet stuff around your house and every -- for the rest of my life. I'm lucky because now it's my it's my job. So it makes sense but for a while I was the unemployed six -- -- appeared we just had -- paraphernalia everywhere when the script was done. This lifelong -- then got to hear. And C. His words spoken aloud by the characters he's always loved. They brought coming out of his box then he said the first line that I had written forum. And -- it started crying they had to stop for a couple minutes while. 28 year old at the time grown man -- back to -- sticker put it. Jason was telling -- CX ago below emotional when he read with you for the first time -- -- -- bad. The globe on quite the opposite isn't my dream come true Carter really was. It was one of the coolest moments in my life. We love our opinions not what it's what the Muppets have survived on for a long long time due for release on November 23. The Muppets hopes to bring to a new generation looks put on the show spirit that has always made the -- It's great to see -- your faces again all of their jokes are good natured and pure and and kind. I like that thing. Part of so magical about the markets is that they remind us. The best version of ourselves I'm Chris Connolly for Nightline. In Los Angeles.

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{"duration":"6:45","description":"What happens when this provocative actor directs a cast of G-rated misfits?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"14878732","title":"When Jason Segel Meets Muppets","url":"/Nightline/video/jason-segel-muppets-combine-14878732"}