Jeremy Jones: King of the Mountain

Snowboarding trailblazer roams the world in search of snow, gravity and wild backcountry adventures.
6:53 | 03/04/13

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Transcript for Jeremy Jones: King of the Mountain
I'm throws himself off of the steepest mountains on the planet Jeremy Jones is amazingly -- Though there was a time when many in the world snowboarding might have questioned even that issue by the sports seem bent on turning mountains in the skate parks. Jones went further higher deeper into the back country took a power -- it was board swore off half pipes and helicopters. And became the greatest big -- writer alive. Get a taste of his methods and his message. I met up with a high and -- here -- about it's -- There's nothing quite like a snow covered mountains sort. People in two very distinct skills. There are the Demi gods who ride monsters for a living -- no porn stars -- into the back country. And bring their conquest back -- -- are -- -- masses who watch those bills that spend their annual vacations. Greens and blues and dreaming of what it must be like yeah in the vertical 1%. Like this -- Right about here what. Effects -- -- here in the third goal could be happier. Yes if they ever -- -- mount Rushmore of snowboarding. Jerry jones' -- Sure -- collects -- of Olympic X games medals in the half by. And Travis rice keeps redefining what's possible and helicopters and snow machines as seen in his epic film the -- of life. But Jones says -- adoring crowds and given up on you. Flying machine. He wants to seek out the most extreme runs in the world using only the power of his legs bad -- Snowboard magazine just named in the big -- -- of the year. Had. -- -- So imagine the thrill for -- snowboarding mortal when Jones offers an invitation to come ride in his back country backyard. High above Lake Tahoe. For me this Jones guy confessed that we'll talk about the go to must've let him put -- name has started. That's always funny because Jones is one of the most ego free -- you'll ever meet. Despite the exploits seen in dozens of bills. This could trilogy includes the self explanatory titles further. Films and could not have been made before Jones decided to revolutionize the sport by taking a power saw from his precious -- I take brand new boards -- -- clearly he which is you never get used to run and I saw down the middle a lot of threats or any of a split forward is a snowboard that converts to lived kind of cross country ski. The design allows -- -- fund runs in places even helicopters cannot reach no lift lines no lift lines. -- in January canning can't -- If they're willing to put in the super human effort. Is -- -- the -- got to. We were running out a new terrain I wanted to inspire people who had shown that world class free writing can be done without a huge travel budget helicopters. But that decision came with a massive trade off films that used to taken days to shoot me now to eight years. Basically this whole -- dislike. And no man. But so long -- you ever had to hunker down. This way out of storm. -- -- He had the developed world class mountaineering skills and learn everything there is to know about avalanche dynamics. This little -- Read about snapping the whole day. When it comes to caution these are real paradox. A guy who walk away from -- -- because the snow doesn't feel right but still braves runs like this. I get the punch holes -- grand. -- -- -- -- When he got his job and -- -- chimneys and red Pagoda and elevated -- started by running chainsaw. What is your view of that. There's something about those heat you have -- gravity so much two years almost floating free falling body told control. Now Germany has three other good reasons to stay in control. He had three more jobs -- thrust into okay. They come in the form of two beautiful children and wife Tiffany who is also -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Because -- yeah totally it is yeah. I mean something happening. We've lost more friends being. At squaw valley than we have in the back country here. How -- father hood changed your risk management. -- as a kids they just. Put things into perspective prayer and added weighed on the importance -- -- home every day there's no question I turned back a lot more than -- used to. There's a lot of ways to die out there in the mountains and one. I have the utmost respect form but I also need people of my life. The world. Food you do. This every day. -- -- everything gets regretted it ever did -- don't know work. You know I don't take -- present and what I get away from the mountains third period the time I really. Kind of get -- -- -- can I can name you know reflect when I get back out for the first time in ten days -- -- on the toll there. On earth and altitude therapy or one marathon. After two hours -- climbing it is finally time for the reward. Jeremy drops in. And I filed clumsily. And usually hit a groove. It's over. But the beauty this sport is there's always another ridge to climb another line to rise as long as the snow keeps falling. And a warming planet that is not guaranteed. After seeing too many -- mountains in recent years Jones formed a foundation called protect our -- to sound the alarm on climate change. And he's even lobbied congress on behalf of the multibillion dollar snow sport industry. If teams like society's going in a little bit different direction where there's more excited about the new -- on their phone and going for a walk in the woods. And now we have to. I want people to get into the mountains to -- of the mountain hopefully protect them.

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{"id":18653565,"title":"Jeremy Jones: King of the Mountain","duration":"6:53","description":"Snowboarding trailblazer roams the world in search of snow, gravity and wild backcountry adventures.","url":"/Nightline/video/jeremy-jones-king-mountain-18653565","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}