Jose Baez: Attorney Extraordinaire

Famous for defending Casey Anthony, Baez took on Gary Giordano's case in Aruba.
4:43 | 10/29/11

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Transcript for Jose Baez: Attorney Extraordinaire
A new development now in the case of a Maryland woman missing and the Caribbean vacation island of a rule book a judge there today ordered that her traveling companion. Gary Giordano be held in jail an additional thirty days meanwhile Giordano. Has gained an ally you might recognize. Here's ABC's John can -- Post sit by this he may be the most notorious defense attorney in the country. But these days he's been spending a lot of time down on the shores of -- Searching for justice in the disappearance of Robyn Gardner. Last seen on this beach on August 2. They answered into the water right around the corner there. Yes. Baez is representing Gary Giordano the man who accompanied -- and on their vacation getaway. It's unfortunate what's happening today. Today. Which is why got a -- The -- no charges filed against him but for nearly three months now Giordano has been detained in this prison by the C. In connection with the case they would. Swimming. Known as the current got -- and both dogs went back to shore -- turned around. She was. Want to -- back together. Zero nobody no weapon no motive no -- no you know. No apparent reason other than. There series Baez shows as much confidence in his new client as he did in Casey Anthony his first big case we the jury find -- defendant not guilty. Critics wrong news -- were not lose if you're lucky it was dumb -- That's excuses that they search for to figure out why they were wrong. -- -- can't reason is taking on hard luck cases the longshot. It may be because he identifies with them. -- -- -- -- Everything today was what -- Both say until Baez came seemingly out of nowhere himself. Born in new York and raised by a single mom in the Bronx and then on the tough streets of Little Havana Miami this was our first house of Miami. -- -- the school here and I was -- everything he dropped out of high school and got married at the age of seventeen. My girlfriend and gotten pregnant and I thought that. Growing up without a father. Was something that I had gone through it's not something that I wanted my child have to go through. Determined to do right -- has earned his ged joined the navy went to college and then on to law school still he struggled. Yet some real trouble early. You were accused of doing it a deadbeat dad. Not paying back student loans bouncing checks. Mostly the media let's -- -- -- there. But -- difficult for you to license -- -- longer -- the state bar would licensee for eight years it built a lot of. My character I know what it's like to be wrongly accused something. I took that hard you seem to be attracted to difficult. Cases I look at each case is a challenge. You can't do this with passion. If you don't have a sincere desire to help you may be the underdog type. Client is what. I'm attracted to -- attracted to me I don't know. There's been no welcome party for Jose -- here in Aruba this is an island that depends on tourism. In fact Baez is convinced that Giordano. Is being detained because of what he calls the embarrassment of -- Natalee Holloway case. Really that's about. Even as we walked along the beach a police helicopters circled overhead. And cadaver dogs from Holland with their -- handlers were searching the beaches near -- I think it's grossly incompetent. For cadaver dogs to be searching. Two plus months after the fact whatever sent. Of human decomposition they expected fine. As long gone. To those who might say there he goes again and grabbing another high profile case just wanting to be in this -- in the spotlight what would you tell them. I'm a lawyer and this is a case that I was called it's not something that should go look for if no cameras came around tomorrow. I would still be involved -- case that this is an opportunity that I should take who completed back into and try and do some good would it.

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{"id":14840309,"title":"Jose Baez: Attorney Extraordinaire ","duration":"4:43","description":"Famous for defending Casey Anthony, Baez took on Gary Giordano's case in Aruba.","url":"/Nightline/video/jose-baez-attorney-extraordinaire-14840309","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}