Julian Castro Delivers Historic DNC Speech

The 37-year-old mayor from San Antonio becomes first Latino to give the DNC keynote address.
3:00 | 09/05/12

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Transcript for Julian Castro Delivers Historic DNC Speech
But -- before a -- to meet the -- generation liberal. All the generations that kind of -- our president Barack Obama. That was Julian Castro the 37 year old mayor of San Antonio Texas he. Had this crowd roaring and laughing as he delivered the keynote address here and it was a stem winder ABC's John Quinones spent the day with him behind the scenes. As he prepped for the big moment. -- -- pastoral spent most of today rehearsing in his hotel room. Right now I feel pretty good relax I assure that a few minutes before walk out on stage LP. Nervous for the 37 year old mayor from San Antonio the first Hispanic ever chosen to give the keynote at the Democratic Convention. It's been an extraordinary and unlike in June. We both grew up in the same neighborhood. I've known him for years and as we walked along the San Antonio river the importance of the moment began to sink in the first Hispanic. To ever give the keynote. At a Democratic Convention. It's a big deal. Sure it is and I'm very honored to do -- I'm looking forward to -- nervous. Of course a little bit. It's it's that combination of being both. Very excited. And a little bit nervous. Let's let this. So nervous in fact the days before his address Castro met with these Catholic nuns one does not -- -- -- for airborne third. -- -- This weekend San Antonio sent their mayor off to Sharman with a big fiesta. Hopefully when -- will be. Somebody running for president not just that keynote speaker. Everyone knows this could launch Castro's own political trajectory. Eight years ago it happened to a young virtually unknown state senator named Barack Obama. Before his keynote he sat down with Nightline anchor Ted Koppel. What is it mr. Obama that you think. You Knight sold through computers that are is that very thing and issues you know I would say that the most important issue of people -- -- Feeling right now is. The census. A America -- separate. The state senator from Illinois ended up delivering the speech. That made his -- read here. There is not a liberal America and a conservative America there of the United States. Of America. Obama gave the speech the keynote 20044. Years later he's president does -- lie ahead for polonium -- -- He lived in Illinois I live in Texas for it's one of the red states and elevation. There are ghosts in this convention center for anyone delivering the keynote. Ghosts of successful and unsuccessful -- notes on bond. In 1988. The keynote by Bill Clinton at the DNC was widely jeered and almost derailed his -- And yet four years later Clinton was elected president. But there are plenty of other keynote speakers and no one remembers. Who -- Castro feels the pressure. Why did Obama pick you I think that he and I see eye to -- on a lot of issues I also think it's. Another -- fire. The significance of Hispanics in the country. -- Castro's grandmother immigrated here from Mexico and worked as a made he's an identical twin. Whose brother Joaquin is a Texas State representative now running for congress he's expected to win. Tonight -- introduced. Ours -- -- nation like no other. A plates we're great journey can be made and a single generation no matter who you are where you come from the path it's always lowered. You grow up and and the poor community. You want him going to Stamford. A law degree from Harvard. You and your brother how was that possible we -- very blessed to have a family. We wanted to -- actual. That we've got a good education and had a lot of internal discipline they studied who -- mother rose wouldn't have sometimes this -- that. But there's so that wasn't as important. As having each other having a good time where the money we did have. She's been a community activist in San Antonio for decades a woman who began taking her twins into the voting Booth. When they were just toddlers. I did that purposefully hoping that they would always be engaged citizen. That they would practice what you should do in a democracy which is to vote for the people that you want to have represent -- And tonight there was her son who represent me and my mother fought hard for civil rights. So that instead of a -- I could hold this microphone. While she may be proud of meat and I. I gotta tell you. -- I'm even more -- you. It. Is America ready for -- Hispanic president globally so I believe it did. Our country is made just tremendous progress. Even since my mother's generation. And I believe that that the United States is ready four people of all different stripes and genders. To be president. At tonight perhaps to stress that point he delivered part of his speech. I think in spent. But they didn't do it again now get -- look let me god that god bless you and may god you. America. Unite -- him from.

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{"id":17157024,"title":"Julian Castro Delivers Historic DNC Speech","duration":"3:00","description":"The 37-year-old mayor from San Antonio becomes first Latino to give the DNC keynote address.","url":"/Nightline/video/julian-castro-delivers-historic-dnc-speech-17157024","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}