Justin Bieber's Worst Week Ever?

Pop sensation loses his cool with the paparazzi after being hospitalized.
5:28 | 03/09/13

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Transcript for Justin Bieber's Worst Week Ever?
It's a dangerous mix of fame and fortune that can too often lead to reckless access plenty of pop stars of cracked under the pressure of celebrity and tabloid scrutiny. Now Justin Bieber is feeling the stress his week has been marred by hospitalization. And a blow up with the paparazzi. The larger even -- nineteen year olds finding out super -- fame. Comes with super -- package ABC's nick watt reports. Is this the moment the pint sized prints of Paul finally snapped and -- -- exits his London itself paparazzi of course but wait. Perhaps just a little this time. That's an old statement and 57 in the way that as much -- my grandma. Justin Bieber is starting to feel the pressure he's literally having his Michael Jackson leave me alone moment. -- a friend superstar right now only half way through a gargantuan ten -- 125. State world tour. And needs to -- After we make it to the finish line that -- it opens. There is denied veto -- restless. On stage later -- By -- behind parents. Soldier told -- was rushed to the hospital. After the show. From where he posted at topless snap on instead Graham to reassure global believers that -- -- it still. Of this world. I think -- needs to do number one is get a solid medical diagnosis and figure out what happened and why. And number -- just and his team need to sit down and look at the schedule could something's gonna have to give on his schedule. After today's unseemly scuffled -- tweeted sometimes when people are shoving cameras in -- face and yelling the worst things possible let you. Well and human rough week indeed. -- -- -- It began last Friday. A number of brands including -- would squeeze -- denied entrance to a club would've been growing threat they can. Worst birthday ever tweeted and that nineteen year old -- Monday he was reportedly nearly two hours late onstage young fans forced. Stay up way. It was all but they present I'm due process. -- Later apologized. Cited technical problems and claimed you'd actually only forty minutes late. Wednesday launched a ten minute -- -- ran long -- my family friends and fans are with me on tweet read you can say whatever. Next they of course the restlessness. Hospital this morning well let's just watch that again. And I wanted. Bieber is no stranger to. Talk -- but is this. -- your becoming more erratic since its longtime love Selena Gomez -- He's been snapped smoking something suspicious acknowledging its own sense -- -- He got busted for smuggling and things really sorry about and that people might say -- that we're gonna do it again. It got him reckless driving -- colts beating. New -- fans on Twitter and accused of getting brother -- -- with a young fan. Although she claims this was not at -- What it seemed when you're back over exposed you may experience back last. Don't forget just five years ago Justin -- rooms on net and Q and -- His mom and unloading her we'd always -- residents continued to -- My hands and he was discovered. Five chart topping albums later he's worth over a hundred million bucks. US and nick demonized on his latest album Billy -- has 35 million quit -- -- More than any other celebrities -- And seems to have no place to highlight a couple of months ago been called 9110. Jackson. -- -- it was killed recently in NH -- beavers current Bieber wasn't even in it. I think like a lot of young people just needs to lord he's not invincible. And that he can't work. Twelve hours a day and then party for hours every night today Bieber tweeted only way someone can break you. Is if you let him. CE OK should we worry about the little Fella he was back on stage tonight doing whatever it is he does that the youngsters seemed like. -- In real life as -- that -- -- he just wants us to laugh and it's. Maybe his troubles are just a series of publicity stunt maybe there were picked I didn't used to give people remote -- dole and the following is everything. And what -- -- --

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{"id":18691043,"title":"Justin Bieber's Worst Week Ever?","duration":"5:28","description":"Pop sensation loses his cool with the paparazzi after being hospitalized.","url":"/Nightline/video/justin-biebers-worst-week-18691043","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}