Kangoo Jumps: Latest Fitness Craze

This futuristic boot that puts a bounce in your step has become a workout fix.
3:43 | 11/16/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Kangoo Jumps: Latest Fitness Craze
-- Sugarman had a pair he could leap tall buildings and a single bound and not hurt his -- kangaroo jumps they're called. Footwear designed for a joint pleasing work out that. And that of the edited. An advantage in being so fashion forward to be sure to draw a crowd so here is ABC's jump -- John Berman. Was -- fitness he had tried running flipping spinning swimming rowing -- biking hiking and climbing. Would never it's high because I. Never. -- I now okay -- don't think this is live perspective. I can't could yet be as good doing it came who joked to I don't -- to do it that -- -- -- It's inexplicable herded goats are taking over the streets parks in -- here in the midst of a bit his -- -- -- -- -- And Laurie the -- is something like that big boss of bounds this fish eating -- spring -- Keith -- of pop. Full because of -- special said it shoots McGuckin your jobs there running -- -- -- Q so what they're pretty much -- have. They reduce all the impact off by up to 8% on your joints you leave your hips and spine he shouldn't for the special spring and -- oil. We're first devised for rehabilitation in Europe more than twenty years ago but they're becoming ever more popular here because they -- -- -- to -- like the Europeans. Not about the beer being affected by the fire -- to protect your joints detected any rebound to give you the feeling of euphoria though -- awful fun. -- we -- know I'd ever get off the wagon because working out good morning but that doesn't like me should look forward to working out. He is undeniably fun. -- you -- several -- classes where people bouncing gyrate to that -- zones at the same time. Don't -- -- these unbelievable stand -- through the streets of Manhattan. When Mario does it there's a massive fight piper effect or -- -- fielded dreams language if you -- -- He will come patriots and -- Good jacket crowd here has been described as they've been there -- And then there's a big curious -- about -- comfortable -- to -- them. They don't she went about Cuba locks of hair blood the list for years and as Mario cast -- great work yet. Period essentially running walking dancing on -- At the living and plus. Gravity that it was that since they actually burning up to 25% more calories and I appreciate the signs and yet he when -- you can the size -- easy to exist as like these -- Pop pop pop in of course who wouldn't wanna Wear down he speak shoes. -- -- -- lives W what you think of like being remodeled. I'm -- supermodel death. Over the -- -- -- a little guy I don't. And still. I'm not. -- of the hill and didn't address how much. Yeah yeah. Just the -- trying to -- my pants -- -- yeah. Actually they're easy to use even for the ethnically -- war need and even forty ethically -- -- -- Make -- popular. Next to printing pictures. -- -- -- It goes back right. Moral. Anything to say about it he won't be the last 320000. Pairs have sold in the US now -- county were exposed. -- I'm John Berman for Nightline in New York.

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{"duration":"3:43","description":"This futuristic boot that puts a bounce in your step has become a workout fix.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"14961539","title":"Kangoo Jumps: Latest Fitness Craze","url":"/Nightline/video/kangoo-jumps-latest-fitness-craze-14961539"}