Will and Kate Help UNICEF Aid Mission

"Nightline's" Cynthia McFadden traveled with UNICEF to bring aid to Kenya.
4:47 | 11/11/11

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Transcript for Will and Kate Help UNICEF Aid Mission
The numbers from the United Nations are devastating an estimated thirteen million people in the Horn of Africa facing a severe food shortage almost one million refugees. From Somalia alone tonight my co anchor Cynthia McFadden. This is a refugee camp and -- have to royal newlyweds. Are trying to help. Anything with East Africa where a lethal combination of dry out. Poverty politics and guns -- making an already desperate situation for thirteen million people. Even worse. Are we began earlier in Copenhagen were perhaps the most famous couple in the world directed our attention here. -- a year old Colin -- weighs only fourteen pounds. She's beautiful. One of 320000. Children at risk of death here in East Africa. -- hello UNICEF says it -- thirty million dollars. By the end of the month to keep the pipeline of aid coming to save them. And yet with everything else that's happened in the world right now this has been a quiet crisis. The duke and duchess of Cambridge decided to try and do something about that. Known to Americans as prince William and Catherine. The couple arrived at UNICEF massive emergency supply warehouse in Copenhagen. Trailed by hundreds of members of the world threats -- people how. -- lost track had finished her situation. I think this -- could move them back into the -- of and I -- Colin. On this Christmas. They shook hands they packed boxes. But mostly they got this under reported prices so much needed attention. Finger on. It's the -- police on Tuesday -- and -- -- We'll -- and Hagan fifty tons of UNICEF supplies were loaded on this 747. The flight was donated by British Airways and every member of the flight crew was a volunteer. UNICEF allowed us to accompany them. We were under way to an extremely remote extremely port area in the northwestern corner of Kenya called for comment. When we arrive at a tiny UNICEF supported health center we're stunned by the enthusiasm the welcome. Despite having so little people here celebrate what they do. -- about eleven and right. There are very few doctors into -- -- One for every 50000. People a -- -- is but one of the babies who now have a fragile grip on life. It's getting bit they didn't hit the growing up. It's including 87 malnourished children under the age of -- -- dependent on the center for survival. As -- over a hundred pregnant women. An hour away were about to witness an unexpected form of famine relief. This UNICEF school serves a 150. Rural families here and claims -- pencils and notebooks. -- -- The idea is teaching the generation of traditionally nomadic kids to read and write. Home the less dependent on the land growing -- -- Every generation. So I mean we go to school and to those kids learning -- -- They don't have very full belly is this is the best tool we have an arsenal because this is not. -- famine crisis of drought crisis this is a child survival crisis. Also -- from the US is Peter Lam an American businessmen who brings soccer balls for the kits. One goes to a fourteen year old named Alice. -- mothers infrared at the deli. Her husband died of cholera. She -- the youngest of her ten children and she tells us all the kids go to bed without food many nights. He noticed the animal skins on the walls. All of her animals have died in the drought she tells us all fifty goats three donkeys and the camel. What does having an education. Have to do with the drought why do you want your children going to school. This will she says her children will have a better life if they can and -- you are you hopeful. For the future for your children. Her eyes glistening tears. Yes she says -- could education. Comes home. Less than 48 hours after the duke and duchess -- those boxes in Copenhagen. The first small ways with the aid has been safely delivered to people who count on it for survival. Little people Michael Cullen. Weather more helpful come in time -- up to others.

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{"id":14929938,"title":"Will and Kate Help UNICEF Aid Mission","duration":"4:47","description":"\"Nightline's\" Cynthia McFadden traveled with UNICEF to bring aid to Kenya.","url":"/Nightline/video/kate-unicef-aid-mission-14929938","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}