Ke$ha Enters Rehab for Eating Disorder

Pop singer announced she is undergoing treatment, but she's not the first.
3:00 | 01/07/14

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Transcript for Ke$ha Enters Rehab for Eating Disorder
This weekend pop star kesha shocked her fans with an announcement. She was checking herself into a clinic for an eating disorder. Millions of americans can identify with body image issues. But for kesha a life in the public eye may have made things worse. With many making comments about her body. Here's my "nightline" co-anchor cynthia McFadden. ♪ ♪ ooh, ooh ♪ Reporter: She's pop music's tough girl. Sexy girl. Skinny girl. And she's burning up billboard's top 100 with her new single "timber." ♪ It's going down ♪ ♪ I'm yelling timber ♪ ♪ now 26, kesha's had ten chart-topping singles in just three years, including "ti "tik tok." ♪ Brush my teeth with a bottle of jack ♪ she showed off her good girl party time credentials. Life on the road can get pretty craze xwrip. Reporter: On the mtv reality show "kesha my crazy beautiful life." You'd imagine she's the most confident girl in the world, right? You'd have to be to pull off "we are who we are." ♪ Hot and dangerous ♪ ♪ if you're one of us then roll with us ♪ Reporter: But over the weekend she made headlines for a different reason. The tough sexy skinny girl doesn't feel that way. Writing on her facebook page, "i'm a crusader for being yourself and loving yourself but found it hard to practice. I'll be unavailable for the next 30 days, seeking treatment for my eating disorder. To learn to love myself again exactly as I am." The post has garnered tens of thousands of likes. Publicly blasted in the tabloids after these photos of her on the beach came to light. She told "self" magazine last summer the criticism hurt. "I've had to endure so many people telling me no, you can't do that. No, you're not pretty enough. No, you're not skinny enough." It's safer on a scale because it's a number. Reporter: While it seemed she was telling herself all the right things -- I just try to keep a balance in my life. Reporter: -- It just wasn't enough. One of the problems, the criticism was reportedly coming from at least one of those closest to her. Music producer dr. Luke. In here together in 2011 in a "nightline" profile. We kind of developed this sound together. His sense of melody is just -- it's like a gift from god. It's bizarre. Everything that comes out of his mouth is incredible. And it's so catchy and hooky. When it's right, it's perfect. Reporter: But over the weekend tmz reported that everything that came out of his mouth might not have been. Dr. Luke allegedly told kesha she was fat, even going so far as saying she looked like a refrigerator. He did not respond to our request for a comment today. Keshis not alonen her struggle. There are 24 million people in the united states alone that have eating disorders. Reporter: Kesha's celebrity only makes the issue worse. It's a very, very complex disorder. A lot of people with eating disorders have really low self-esteem. They have a lot of difficulty loving themselves. The pressure of being in the world that she's in just hikes it up much higher. Reporter: Kesha is reportedly at timberline knolls outside of chicago, the very same place demi lovato went for help. ♪ I think I'd have a heart attack ♪ demi, famous for hits luke "heart attack" -- ♪ you can take everything i have ♪ -- and "skyscraper" has also struggled with the pressures to be perfect in the spotlight. Hi, I'm sunny. Reporter: A teen star on the disney channel after the second season of "sunny with a chance," she decided to get help. Abc's robin roberts talked to her about it. I was bullied and a few months later I developed an eating disorder, and that's kind of what I've been dealiit wh ever since. Reporter: Her life in the limelight only seemed to make things worse. I was performing concerts on an empty stomach. I was losing my voice from purging. And I literally was so emotionally whacked out that i took it out on someone that meant a lot to me. Reporter: After three months she came out feeling stronger, recording her third album. Her music reflecting her journey. What was the darkest point for you? My darkest period was going into treatment for that first 48 hours and not having any communication with the outside world. Even letting some people know that I was in there. I couldn't. I couldn't talk to anyone. I was just kind of shocked to be in such a different environment. Reporter: As for kesha, seeking help and doing it publicly is just the beginning of healing. ♪ let's hope 30 days in treatment will put this young woman back on stage, strong, sexy, and healthy. For "nightline" I'm cynthia McFADDEN IN NEW YORK.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Pop singer announced she is undergoing treatment, but she's not the first.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"21444591","title":"Ke$ha Enters Rehab for Eating Disorder","url":"/Nightline/video/keha-enters-rehab-eating-disorder-21444591"}