Kidnapped: How Did They Escape?

A little girl, an American aid worker in Somalia and others escaped abductions.
2:35 | 01/27/12

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Transcript for Kidnapped: How Did They Escape?
Kidnapped it's a terrifying act that happens thousands of times of year. Now we've discovered that sometimes escape can come with the young girl calling 911 in the face of incredible danger. For aid worker Jessica Buchanan involved somehow in during three months of captivity to be rescued by an elite team of commandos. Seal team six -- jackpot when they completed their daring mission tonight ABC's Martha Raddatz brings us amazing stories of survival. The image today was stark yet. Powerful a thirteen year old girl in suburban New York running for her life. Leaving behind her the stunned wouldn't -- captor. The young girl punched before she fled those first terrifying minutes of -- kidnapping attempt often the best chance to escape. It's a great idea run. Most people think the kidnappers who want to chase them or shoot at them or do any sort of a number of really negative bad things. When affect the kidnappers and are prepared to chase. -- -- Nine year old Callista Cordoba did not run in those first moments she was held for eighteen hours. But when her kidnapper took -- into a convenience store Calista took charge of her own fate. She's at any point in my eyes and said I don't know where we -- your -- over. I think the guy -- -- -- minimize -- -- it is quite -- there. More than likely for whatever reason in the way those kids were raised. They were -- to be -- itself where I don't think children innately have that ability. And they can simply be prepared easily enough without frightening them their parents probably gave them a few tools and simply the way that they were raised. For Jessica Buchanan. With close to a dozen heavily armed men dragging her from a car in a foreign country the choices were much more limited. Her first thought is are they gonna kill me where they want something else Steve -- was trained as a military pilot to evade capture. And trained on what to do if that didn't work. How do you overcome. That fear of factually. Being in a situation like that obviously very difficult take a motion put it to the side. But if you think of -- in terms of if you don't you're not gonna survive then you go towards a much more rational way of thinking. Rachel and Paul Chandler has learned that lesson quickly. They were held by Somali pirates for thirteen months before a ransom secured their release -- Bill -- grapple with some of them. -- it to another surreal moments I was doing my editor immunity from and we ended don't be over -- speeches -- in the front. Or five of these Danks is behind me doing the same movements from the -- couldn't make it there's essentially a relationship that. Have to be developed with the captor not not inciting the captors not getting them more nervous not having them think that your -- ability. Beginning to understand what it is they want because if you can understand what it is they want you may be able to facilitate your own release. By all rights they should have taken us out. Don Mann a former member of navy seal team six the same unit that rescued Buchanan. Was once a hostage himself along with three other seals when they were caught by more than a dozen armed men during a mission. Fortunately for us we talked ourselves out of that one you have to stay calm. You don't wanted to appear to be a threat to want to be threatening in any way. And you have to immediately start thinking of a way to escape escape however is not always an option. I'm sure of these hostages were blindfolded to where they were taken so they had no idea -- they work so there's probably an intent by the captors to intentionally. This oriented people that they -- so that they don't have that sense of confidence that if I can just get out of the cell I can get out of the stock Kate I'll be able to find my way to freedom. Freedom came to Jessica Buchanan thanks to the Navy SEALs a daring rescue and a violent done fine. And for Buchanan and her fellow hostage. One more test of -- for rescue attempt is most likely going to be shooting. If you hear shooting. The first thing you want to do is quickly get down on the ground and stayed on the ground and not move and listen every command they say just complied. But even survived -- -- hostage ordeal doesn't always end the nightmare. Life is they knew what was gone from when the kidnapping began. And when they Begin to understand that they have to find a new normal if you will and a new state of happiness it was different than what the other one was. That is when -- healing process will really Begin to become complete. That is what Jessica Buchanan is doing tonight at a military base in Iraq with the help of counselors talking about the -- of captivity. So she can -- But hopefully remembering. That it wasn't just the Navy SEALs who saved her she is a survivor. For Nightline I'm Martha Raddatz in Washington.

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{"id":15453753,"title":"Kidnapped: How Did They Escape?","duration":"2:35","description":"A little girl, an American aid worker in Somalia and others escaped abductions.","url":"/Nightline/video/kidnapped-escape-15453753","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}