King of 'Soul Train' Remembered

Music legends pay their respects to Don Cornelius.
3:55 | 02/02/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for King of 'Soul Train' Remembered
Say that the seventies and eighties TV -- sold train change the culture is to fall short tough to name a stage. That launch more talent so with the news today that that shows 75 year old mastermind Don Cornelius. Was found dead at his home of an apparent suicide who wanted to travel back a few non -- minutes across the tracks -- time. Here's ABC's Chris conflict. With Don Cornelius created for television. So -- have become the most influential music program of its time I want to do a black American -- But calling soul train African American Bandstand. This is the point that very gifted in the very first national guest. -- Gladys Knight in the -- -- -- Over the years Stevie Wonder. -- -- Since Jackson. In so many other -- Even Aretha Franklin. -- were called Cornelius today. Asked that watch so churning. -- He looked at gentlemen's first last and always I thought oh China -- -- regularly every week. I went on many times that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Contemporary music by African Americans. Your side -- -- network for writing shows back then was placed front and center here. This immediately felt like oh my god this is -- They know why and they know their music that I light. The show became a destination for white artists. -- in Elton John among them. There really -- and always envisioned it as a show fines and four. Black audiences. Things overnight. Almost three minutes every black person town 200. -- -- -- wonderful you know. -- It was me. And by doing so Don Cornelius rally and celebrated an entire culture and it became the envy of young people around the world. All of the strength. Bryant and unassailable school. Because as everyone do the biggest stars on soul train weren't the singers they were the dancer. -- -- there's time there's sexiness watched intensely by every high school student in America. Desperate for just a bit that Cingular magnificence on the dance floor. Platform now -- him speak now. -- -- And while the bell bottoms in the -- -- may have focused smile or two today. Never doubt -- significance -- the exuberant artistry that galvanized generations of audiences over more than thirty years. Aliens comedy about 2000 years and thieves what was going ballots in black flag -- watch all of those votes today about how we got -- Whether you're a black kid from Chicago. White kid from Westchester. It felt like a blessing from the high priest whose impact will be felt in American music and culture. Long after his death today. I hope he knew you. At the variant what he gave to assault because it's amazing contribution. African American culture has contribution to American culture. If -- ever forgotten and we should be ashamed. I'm done -- they -- good as always good. -- -- -- -- I'm Chris -- for Nightline. In Los Angeles.

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{"duration":"3:55","description":"Music legends pay their respects to Don Cornelius.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"15495008","title":"King of 'Soul Train' Remembered","url":"/Nightline/video/king-soul-train-remembered-15495008"}