Kirsten Dunst on Going Nude On-Screen

She made her film debut kissing Brad Pitt. Now, she is in the Oscar conversation
1:41 | 01/21/12

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Transcript for Kirsten Dunst on Going Nude On-Screen
She was a critical darling before she turned thirteen but she's best known around the world from blockbuster role as an aspiring actors who ends up. Falling in love with a superhero and now Kirsten Dunst. Is taking new risks here's ABC's juju Chang and Nightline in -- Even as a child actor Houston -- rarely played just another kid. -- from another. Two months and -- Take her breakthrough role in interview with the vampire when -- twelve kissing Brad Pitt but yeah that's got to be a good thing about it. -- we're not and a child is it was -- -- ever since Dunst is now 29 has -- often running. Skipping the awkward adolescent phase by starring in hits like bring it on. And Spider-Man. You. Name. But she's also embraced less conventional roles like in Sofia Coppola's the virgin suicides. -- We've been linking them. And -- hands. -- know what I want my house like that one blonde woman on the metal items like girls look like me in the article it. During a break from movies Dunst nurtured a passion for art this is interesting. Taking classes in painting and drawing. That. The -- we talk to her we met up at LA's Weisman art foundation. For anyone why I. Meaning it has to do it. How you feeling you look at it. And now she's taking perhaps one of the biggest artistic risks of her career. In the hunting melancholy the film deals with the end of the world through the eyes of the deeply depressed or. -- -- I think depression often puts people in my child like -- -- debilitated. That was a very emotionally. Typical place to go. Yeah it's -- teen depression is something -- knows about firsthand in 2008 she suddenly into treatment for depression. Interstate made headlines it's. How much. Of your experiences did you draw on to play this -- I've always used myself an expanded things in -- that he even if it's things like I. I don't show it to people and I can use. In mine and my performances where you at all. Disturbed -- You know. Sort of it's doing in the depression so to speak. -- you like a pretty healthy place to play someone like this also because you have to create an inner life that. That's energetic even -- you're depressed because I think for me a lot of my work comes before the film and and that feels almost like therapy between me and the character them. -- -- -- -- -- Her portrayal -- that the best actress award at the Cannes Film Festival -- looked beautiful in the nude scenes not -- down -- helped him. -- And that's what kind of reaction like -- others. -- like cats and Germany's and -- -- with like it's hard and I need to -- beautiful. You know. I -- -- if that's true about the whole thing it must have occurred to you that if you did these nude scenes that they would go all over the Internet. Area that bother you. It doesn't because it did what we mean -- the film means more to me in the fact that like. Now on on the Internet and indeed she says taking those risks outside the Hollywood mainstream helps keep -- -- Never box myself into this like untouchable celebrity that patents. The shaft and the assistance and the this -- the gate and it just gets more and more out of touch with. With just. Reality to you have this sort of an easy relationship with celebrity. I think are really get perspective on what it is and Athens -- comes with the territory about it and very much. -- -- my friends are in the industry it's really. -- around my life. And you're not defined by your celebrity death -- For Nightline I'm juju Chang in -- -- hills California.

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{"id":15409105,"title":"Kirsten Dunst on Going Nude On-Screen","duration":"1:41","description":"She made her film debut kissing Brad Pitt. Now, she is in the Oscar conversation","url":"/Nightline/video/kirsten-dunst-nude-screen-15409105","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}