New Ku Klux Klan: Inside the Rally

Part 2: A Grand Dragon says he's against hate and violence -- but is he?
3:00 | 10/27/12

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Transcript for New Ku Klux Klan: Inside the Rally
The air reeks of kerosene. We're at a kkk rally in the heart of mississippi. A countryside still haunted by memories of lynchings and church bombing from decades ago. Pastor wallace hartsfield remembers those days only too well. He witnessed a black man dragged through the streets. They shot the man and they hanged him and then used his body for target practice, to teach black folk a lesson. We're going to need some help. Reporter: But this is not the distant past. This is just last month in a secluded property in the woods, where people have come to join the grand dragon stephen howard, for what they call a cross lighting. America is in turmoil and we're lighting crosses to let people know that america is in turmoil right now. Reporter: This klansman, who asked we not show his face for fear he'd be fired from his job, starts to get ready for the evening's rituals. You are wearing the robes of traditional terrorists, of traditional haters -- that's just the outlook that they want to give you. That ain't true. Not everybody is like that. Reporter: So, you think this is what a good christian man does? Yeah. This is our christianity. That's just plain and simple. Reporter: Howard says he's allowed us to come here to show us the new klan is neither hate-filled nor violent. Yet, what we heard and saw during our time with them suggests otherwise. Black people and white people are nowhere related. In my opinion, I think black people evolved from animals, i believe that we need to be separated. Whites and blacks need to be separated. I don't agree with race mixing. Let them set up their own state. Where they belong. And give them their own homeland. Reporter: And if you daughter came home, said, I want to go out with a black boy. I'd disown her. Reporter: Because of who she loves? It's not love. If you love, you love somebody of your own race. Reporter: Who decreed that? God decreed that. Jesus degrcreed that. Reporter: I thought jesus said love each other. Love your neighbor. Reporter: As yourself. There's an argument to be made that by our covering the ku klux klan, we play into their hand, we help them recruit. What do you make of that? Every time there's a story in the front page of a local newspaper about a klan rally, something of those lines, the klan or that particular group does get a member or two. But on the other hand, 99% people are essentially inoculated against them. It harms them more than help. Reporter: Back in mississippi, steve and his wife nicole tell us something stunning about steve's 11-year-old daughter, who is here for all of the night's proceedings. Your 11-year-old daughter has a robe? Yeah. She has her own robe. Reporter: Since she was 8 -- she wanted it. Reporter: You think at 11 she can understand? I think she understands. She has a beautiful robe. She wants to be like her daddy. First time I've actually robed up, so, it a little bit big on me. Reporter: Now it's time for all members of the group to robe up. Where you at, mom? I'm right here, son. Reporter: I've read in the literature that there are some people that if barack obama is re-elected, the storm is going to come. What is the storm? I fear it. We are -- he's going to start it. He's going to start it. I fear it. I feel it, I feel it coming on and it ain't just me. It is -- -- it's going to be another war in this united states of america if he gets elected back to office. It's going to happen. If he gets four more years, brk b barack obama will ruin this country and white people will be in concentration camps. If you don't believe that, people sadly mistaken. Reporter: And his collusion to avoid this supposed impending storm is an all-white south. Where all blacks, hispanics and jews are banned. Given some place else, he says, to live in america. I want to make sure I understand you. If the goal is white accept aretism, separating the races, the only way to separate the races is using violence. You're not going to be able to just say nicely, please leave. If they will peacefully go, then yeah. But if they won't, that's the only way is through violence, is through making them go, that's it. Reporter: And you'd be willing to be apart of that? It's a race war you're talking about, essentially. Very much so. Reporter: His hero and predecessor was a convicted murderer. And former head of the mississippi white knights. What do you think about sam bowers? Greatest klansman that ever lived. Reporter: Well, he was accused and convicted of murder. I don't endorse murder. Reporter: What about other forms of violence? I don't endorse murder.

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{"id":17577763,"title":"New Ku Klux Klan: Inside the Rally","duration":"3:00","description":"Part 2: A Grand Dragon says he's against hate and violence -- but is he?","url":"/Nightline/video/ku-klux-klan-inside-rally-17577763","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}