How a L.A. Man Allegedly Pranked NFL, NBA Coaches

Kenny Tarr is accused of hoaxing several pro-coaches, and could face jail time.
3:00 | 12/11/13

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Transcript for How a L.A. Man Allegedly Pranked NFL, NBA Coaches
For most of us, the urge to play pranks goes away in middle school. But not for kenny tarr. While he believes his elaborate hoaxes make him a great artist, sports figures from the nba to the nfl now finding out they have alleged been his victims might beg to differ. Here's abc's nick walt. We think what you do as offense is, pretty amazing. Reporter: This is kenny tarr, allegedly on the phone with the san diego chargers offensive coordinator ken wisenhunt. What kind of position? Tarr, pretending to be with the university of texas and offering wisenhunt job of head coach. Of make it very clear you are the one I would look to select. We'll go from there. Sound good. Tarr claims he offered tony dungy, the usc head coach job. Through a spokesperson, dungy said he has spoken with investigators but was never contacted by tarr. Leslie frasier of the vikings was allegedly also pranked by tarr. For these and perhaps a dozen other alleged prank calls to pro coaches, tarr could now beef looking at a year in the county jail. Mr. Tarr was booked for 632-a of the penal code, felony eavesdropping. Here in california it is against the law to record some one any voice without their permission. Just generate false realities and satisfy them. That was tarr talking to me in september. A college dropout. Frustrated writer, director. Give a warm welcome for mr. Kenny tarr. Reporter: Stand-up comic. The other day I was in iceland at a singles bar. Reporter: A repeat hoaxer. Experts say they've often share a similar motivation. These are individuals who feel that they are not getting all of the adulation and success that they deserve. Reporter: Tarr talked his way on to numerous talk shows. Please welcome ken to the snow. From bill cunningham show, the self proclaimed gypsy king. With a cheating fiance. My until is running around with her. Not the first time he has done that. Are you mad because no one produced a screen play. No, I am not mad by that. I am just a person that need more from what his talent is. Kenneth tarr. On jej udge alex, a plumber with a beef. I was locked in the mortuary. You were? Do you enjoy it. Get a rush. I feel like robert deniro, feels. You've feel anything this is going to say on the other end of the phone is pathetic and you own them. When we are looking at this individual. They want to beep t the smartest in the room. They can take advantage of you or a situation. In many ways a form of anger. Andy kaufman, andy warhol, great, glad they existed. They're nothing compared to me. I've don't look at them like peers. What? What? What? I've don't have respect for their accomplishments. Here he is on the sit down. Pretending his best friend has slept with his Announcer: The following is a paid advertisement for omega xl. My name's larry king.

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{"id":21173183,"title":"How a L.A. Man Allegedly Pranked NFL, NBA Coaches","duration":"3:00","description":"Kenny Tarr is accused of hoaxing several pro-coaches, and could face jail time.","url":"/Nightline/video/la-man-allegedly-pranked-nfl-nba-coaches-21173183","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}