The latest in the case of mysterious Coronado mansion death

On Wednesday, a jury in a civil trial found Adam Shacknai responsible for Zahau's 2011 death at Jonah Shacknai's mansion, and over $5 million was awarded to the Zahau family.
8:41 | 04/06/18

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Transcript for The latest in the case of mysterious Coronado mansion death
What kind of emergency are you reporting. A beautiful young woman found hanging from a balcony naked and bound. Is she still alive. I don't know. 32-year-old Rebecca zah appeared to have it all a rich boyfrid in a fairy tale life in a south earning California mansion. If Rebecca walks in a room everybody remes her. U it Allen 32-year-old Rebecca zahau D bound and hanging from a ony. I said, M girlfriend whom I loved is dead. Bizarre include left behind. Like a riddle Intricate K in the rope. Blood onhe door. And knife with blood on it. Investigators call it suicide but her family says -- -- She was murdered. And the only O person on the property H yfriend's brother. Dou yourself do anything er that resulted in her death. No. L's see if you can do it. We've been inveigating this Stor experts takin through the theories of. He would have had to hop, hoould have to throw your flt overhead first. Not completely satisfied this was a suicide. The mystery surrounding Rebecca zahau's death datesk to July 2011. She was at boyfriend's house, along we ar her young sister and his six-year-olson max. Rebecca is in the house with her little sister a max is on the floor playing. And suddenly something happened. Zen CD 911. S not breathing. Max took a horrific fall which no one saw and Rebecca Jonah. I sprd intohe house and saw max playing on the floor did he tell you H it ppened. Said ieally don't know. The next day adamas in the est house and Rebecca was home they were the only two in T ho They were edingly cordial both good people. Early on the that morning July 13t Adam says he walked into something unimaginable. He saw her body ING from E body and called 911. I got girlung herself. Is still alive. I don't know. Are you alive? No. Adam told investigators he cut rebeccaa's body down tried to resuscitate her but already too late, Rebecca zahau S dead. Can you imagine the impact of something like that when I was already facing certainly the biggt crisis of my life. And sd trage few days later. Six-year-old maxied due to complications. And the San Diego sheriff' department launched a full investigation. We all wanted answer More than a month later sheriff announced. Was max's death a homicid no was Rebecca's death a homicide, the answer is no. Max's death was result a freak household accident. Somethingaused him to trip. He then fell or the railing grabbing the lights. When it came to her death the autopsy and DNA anysis showed no sign of attack. Finger prints from the balcony door and bed leg next to the rope were from Rebecca. If it was suicide how could she die her own hands in such a seem intrite way, investigators showeds video demonstration. The binding were nottight. No woman would bind their hands, put a t-shirt inir mouth and jump over a balcony. Did you ever believe that ur sister was sic? Dmo recca no, she does not have a suil personality. Her family petitioneo reopen thease but the request was denied. The interest in this case remains years andears later and hope somebod looks at this CAS again It turned out someone was reexamining the CAS he was a season private investigator in New York City and he did a deep dive in T case and he had questions about W the San Diego investigatorsoncluded saying only her footprints were found on the balcony must have thrown herself off. But could an attacker thrown her off the balcony with stepping on it and leaving incriminating footprints. To see just how likely that could be, he brought me to this balcony. Rushly same dimension at shacknai mansion. This similar. Rely good way to determine if it is possible for M to do this. Let's see if you can do it. It's not easy. But it's possible for you to not have stepped O there and positioned the body and thrown the body over. It shows that someone could have taken Rebecca's body leaned it against the rail and shoved it over. I'm N completely satfied this was suicide but also not enough Ence to show it was a homicide. Ven though jonahshknai's brother was cleared, her family was convi he killed her and sued him in civil court. She was already dead or dieing F manual strangulation. Not one single witss will give testimony that Mr. Shacknai did those things. This is a civil case for money damageot criminal case to put anyone in prison. After six weekshe jury retu a verdict. Ladies and gemen of the verdict were these, are the your vdict as read. Yes. Nine of the 12greed that Adam shacknai was responsible for rememb for Rebecca's death. And warded $ million to the family. My siste was brutally murdered and the thoht of her diei rips my heart T. I'm disappointed but got plenty of fight in me, plenty of th this ain't thing. I'm stanng tall. They got lucky one time I don't think they're going to get lucky again. It seems to M this is more a case about accountability than dollars. Her family been living wi the corcoroner's rulin that she killed herself and never believe that and now they H a jury saying we don believe it either. Becca's sister sayshe verdict is welme but not enough. They want the sheriff to reopen the invgation and ce Adam shackna that will likely be a tough battle. I didn't see anything new. I thk we came to the rht conclusion if there new evidence, something we missed please come in andit withus. But it's a battle the family is vowing T fight. For seven years we H to fight toustve at she didn' commit suicide even though we knew she didn't. I'm not going to give up. For "Nightline" in York. Next here changing the fe

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{"id":54277673,"title":"The latest in the case of mysterious Coronado mansion death","duration":"8:41","description":"On Wednesday, a jury in a civil trial found Adam Shacknai responsible for Zahau's 2011 death at Jonah Shacknai's mansion, and over $5 million was awarded to the Zahau family.","url":"/Nightline/video/latest-case-mysterious-coronado-mansion-death-54277673","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}