Lingerie Football: Super Sexy or Sexist?

Players in the all-female league wear skimpy uniforms and hockey helmets.
3:00 | 09/20/13

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Transcript for Lingerie Football: Super Sexy or Sexist?
Women and sports women in football to -- -- not watching yet but. Play yet while some athletes are known for leaving and all the field these women. Leave a lot of -- off including most of the protective gear the guys where. Is it sexy is it safe are they making strides for a woman kind -- taking us backwards. ABC's juju Chang takes a very close look. -- home and just -- with the guys. No these are pro athletes. -- the girls next door and some even -- I feel really good at it yet implemented -- halftime in a football locker right. And well even though -- ahead. Their coach is not at all pleased. After eighteen years of coaching men. Coach pac feels the biggest compliment he can -- ladies is to treat them just like the guy who don't. -- do you gotta look better than this. Welcome to the big blue. The legends -- We're ladies dressed in nothing but I'm Ron Moody so let's play football browns -- body bruising football since. The Chicago -- is part of what -- promoters say is the fastest growing sports franchise. But the -- -- also has a chorus of critics who accuse -- of objective find women to sell tickets. So is the sports super sexy -- just plain sexist. Most football training doesn't include -- cures. What do you think of critics see how well you know he's exploiting. I did definitely get why people feel that way back at the same time -- -- serious is just the past. Gosh you write plays defensive tackle and -- she writes chases are now none of the players get paid so per -- -- -- aren't. The -- aren't selling life insurance. Her brother Ximian rice played twelve years in the NFL and even want -- Super Bowl. -- Alberts is the wide receiver. Ended -- for special safe -- dancer Sally out of Connecticut light and brutal hits. You're putting yourself a great physical risk. Tire -- and you. Already suffered concussions. And yet it cannot -- -- at all. -- I mean I'm most concerned about hiring handling it aggregate finger on this very -- and it really came in any industry. Tight end Jamie barbaric shrugs off the risks -- -- when you. When you saw me as a single mom she wants her seven year old son Jackson to see her is tough. Soon -- message are you sending your son by playing football. Don't be afraid of anything -- -- -- -- -- Weiner. I love sports I love being part of the teen. 0:8 AM on a Saturday morning game day. I joined the ladies the Chicago bliss on a road trip. To do battle with their mid west rivals the green -- hill. The OK now on the cake grave and they've got to marathon ride to greenback ahead of him. 815 -- -- ride mapping out their game strategy. Hard to focus let me. -- independent and this bus feels like supercharged sorority house. Yeah. Yeah. After years of playing a lingerie it's clear these women are comfortable in their own skin and wardrobe malfunctions and all. -- I never the united full blooded. -- -- -- -- Like yeah I don't think he's coming -- -- Yeah. Okay. Day the bus finally -- in Green Bay. And I could come in NASCAR fan yeah. And now it's time to get suited up and doll that looks good the locker room quickly turns into a beauty salon yeah me -- My -- in the end time and they do that now. And minutes before game time emotions run high. Didn't seem happy -- -- for let them are being. As the teams face off it appears to be more performance. And play. And we are back for this monster mid western match up. The Chicago bliss start off strong. But the rough and tumble of the game is not for the faint of heart during her first outing Alley the dentist got knocked out -- He spends. Hundreds of them training your brain and then go and get your brains scrambled. That is affecting their main argument that my family and lakes you've worked your whole life. Why he did it and my answer is that -- not do it I love lives -- in the corner of the end zone. Although believe requires that these women have insurance the league doesn't pay for its. They're playing on a field half the size of the NFL but the fear of concussions is ever present its. Especially since there wearing almost no padding and tap in with how -- -- Are you concerned that they don't have enough how -- protection there's a reason why the NHL has forum last sustained concussions -- HL -- of the NFL. Because once you put him in a football helmet. Often times it's used as a weapon. They and they tremendous fear one another these women are Smart if they felt in any way that they weren't protected out here he wouldn't come back. Although there are higher risks -- plane with such little padding. Commissioner emits more Thompson says he didn't home for the love of the game. But he makes no apologies for the league's business model. -- -- We just happen happen entirely. Tom. Tom Brady's and -- -- back gums and Maria Sharapova -- That's the business model were very upfront and honest about it and I think to a degree that's definitely help in the marketing of the sport but serving over the middle. In the second half of the game the Green Bay -- Mount a comeback. But in the end the Chicago bliss prevail 27 to eighteen mark. -- victory is sweet. We are successful woman and -- team. We have mothers -- nineteen. Anywhere not just football players so much more. With their skimpy outfits and trash talking ways these athletes may just be unlikely vanguard immune -- feminine Alston and this game really. Lived up to the filling. Next week -- it. For Nightline I'm juju Chang in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

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{"id":20325025,"title":"Lingerie Football: Super Sexy or Sexist?","duration":"3:00","description":"Players in the all-female league wear skimpy uniforms and hockey helmets.","url":"/Nightline/video/lingerie-football-super-sexy-sexist-20325025","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}