Lingerie Football: Super Sexy or Sexist?

Players in the all-female league wear skimpy uniforms and hockey helmets.
3:00 | 12/28/13

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Transcript for Lingerie Football: Super Sexy or Sexist?
This is a big weekend for football, with college bowl games and the final regular season battles in the nfl. But there is another league that is shaking things up this season. This one involves tough female athletes, but instead of suiting up, they're stripping down. Abc's juju chang gets up close and very personal for another look at lingerie football. Reporter: They're tanned, toned and just as tough as the guys. No these aren't pro athletes. They're the girls next door, some even moms. I feel really good. I feel like we have the momentum. Reporter: It is halftime in a football locker room. Sit down and shut the up! Reporter: Though they're ahead their coach is not at all pleased. Get yourself together. And they're kicking your . Reporter: The biggest compliment he can pay the lady is treat them like the guys. The worst defense in the league. You guys are much bet r thter than this. Reporter: Welcome to the big leagues, legends football league where ladies dressed in nothing but a bra and bootie shorts, play football, ground stumping, body bruising football. The chicago blitz is part of what league pro moltemoters say is the fastest growing sports franchise. The lfl has a chorus of critics who accuse them of objectifying women to sell tickets. It the sport super sexy or just plain sexist? Most football training doesn't include manicures. What do you think of kriltcritics say you are exploiting skin? I get why people feel that way. We are serious. Just the costume. Reporter: She plays defensive tackle. She chases her down. Reporter: None of the players get paid. Her day job -- selling life insurance. Her brother simeon rice played 12 years in the nfl and won a super bowl. Ali alberts its the wide receiver. And a dentist. Her specialty, periodenture. And hits. You are putting yourself at physical risk. You have suffered concussions, you are not compensated. I'm most concerned about my right hand. If I break a finger on my right hand. I can't do dentistry. The tight end, shrugs off the wrists. Tell her about -- Reporter: As a single mom she wants her 7-year-old jackson to see her as tough. Go, ma! Reporter: What message are you sending your son by playing football? Don't be afraid of anything. People ask why, why not? I love sports. I love being part of a team. It is 8:00 a.M., Saturday morning, game day. I joined the lady of the chicago bliss on a road trip to do battle with their midwest rivals, the green bay chill. Okay, now. Reporter: They have a marathon ride to green bay ahead of them. The team should spend the ride mapping out their game strategy. But it is hard to focus. This bus feels like a super charged sorority house. I like the down time. This is a little bit much for me. Reporter: After years of playing in lingerie, it is clear these women are comfortable in their own skin. Wardrobe malfunctions and all. Yeah, I definitely have my top. Open. Yeah. After I scored. After I scored. You gnomknow? Then I just gave it a little shake. Did you like that. You want to watch game film and get back into football mode. Just chill. Football mode. The bus finally arrives in green bay. And I have become their mascot. Now it is time to get suited up and dolled up. Looks good. The locker room quickly turns into a beauty salon. One girl did my makeup. One girl did my eyelashes. Put my socks in here. I did that. Nice. And minutes before game time, emotions run high. Just the team I pick to go to war with. Let's do it for us. Let's do it for our fans. As the teams face off it appears to be more performance than play. And we are back for this monster midwestern match up. The chicago bliss start off strong. But the rough and tumble of the game is not for the faint of heart. During her first outing, ali, the dentist, got knocked out cold. Absolute lely destroys ali alberts. You have spent hundred of thousand, training your brain then you go get your brain scrambled. That was the main argument my family had. Something you have worked your whole life toward. Why would you do this? My answer is I can't not diet. -- Do it. I love it. Reporter: Although the league requires these women have insurance, the league doesn't pay for it. They're playing on a field half the size of the nfl. But the fear of concussions is ever-present. Especially since they're wearing almost no padding and tackling with hockey helmets. Are you concerned they don't have enough helmet protection? There is a reason why the nhl has far less sustained, in the hl, versus nfl. Once you put them in a football helmet often times used as a weapon. They tend to spear one another. These women are smart. If they've felt they weren't protected out here they wouldn't come back. Reporter: Although there are higher risks to playing with little padding, the commissioner says they do it all for the love of the game. He makes no apologies for the league's business model. That sex sells. We have a league of tom bradys, and david beckhams, that's the business model. We are honest, of front about it. To a degree that helped in the marketing of the sport. Reporter: In the second half of the game, the green bay chill mount a come back. Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me? Reporter: In the end the chicago bliss prevail. 27-18. Victory is sweet. We have successful women on our team. We have mothers on our team. I mean we are not just football players. So much more. With their skimpy outfits. And trash talking ways. These athletes may just be the unlikely vanguard for the new feminine mystique. This game really lived up to the billing. Next week. L.A. L.A.! Reporter: For "nightline," juju chang, green bay,

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{"id":21355032,"title":"Lingerie Football: Super Sexy or Sexist? ","duration":"3:00","description":"Players in the all-female league wear skimpy uniforms and hockey helmets.","url":"/Nightline/video/lingerie-football-super-sexy-sexist-21355032","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}