Linsanity: Fans Go Wild

New York Knicks' Jeremy Lin, an unknown point guard, shot to stardom overnight.
3:46 | 02/16/12

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Transcript for Linsanity: Fans Go Wild
As an Asian American mother whose sons well two out of three of them -- play basketball I shudder to think that they knew tiger mom Credo. Just be study hard go to Harvard. And play for the next. Jeremy -- superhuman exploits on the court continue tonight not just to defy but to shatter all expectations. He's made crashing on your brother's couch -- here's ABC's John Berman. County. Is Jeremy -- just -- surprising. Just how inspiring. He's like the perfect combination. Of Shirley MacLaine Eminem and Mark Zuckerberg all rolled up into one. We'll explain first. It tonight. New York Knicks to their seventh victory in a -- single handedly turning -- season from mediocrity. Into mania. If you're not familiar with -- fairy tale Jeremy -- is the world's unlikeliest current NBA star. On recruited by big universities undrafted out of college -- two teams -- sees it. He and his -- captain Gordon before beating the knicks on a winning brands they. Averaging more than 16 points a game now he's moved into a posh trump building. He's a devout Christian and also one of the first American born -- players ever in the first from corporate since the 1950s. An economics major by the way simply put this has never happy not to mention. Absolute mania over his success and -- An insane asylum maybe courtside seats for the knicks can now won you over to -- official Jeremy and -- -- jerseys are completely sold out. In the himself as -- Hundreds of thousands of Twitter followers in just a week. He's got time when he animators drawing adoring cartoon. He's -- on -- and spawned more punish headlines in the world should ever see. -- -- So how was -- like Shirley -- It's not that he's the head of postcards from the edge -- -- But in the 1950s McClain was a nobody an understudy on Broadway for the pajama game but the -- got hurt she filled in and now she has won Academy Award. In several past lives. Shirley MacLaine and Jeremy Lynn both came from nowhere which brings us to MNN we don't know Jeremy -- wraps yeah. But we do you know she embodies the very velocity of M -- -- Was your -- and -- everything -- Wimbledon and one moment. Action Jeremy -- captured that can't get it is one moment to -- everything he ever wanted. I love basketball I think -- -- young. That's all I really want to do the best -- and so. So how about FaceBook founder Mark Zuckerberg well. They both went to Harvard but here is where they might have accomplished -- -- most unlikely feat turning Harvard grad he -- a likable. Undergo. Maybe it's his background his father a Taiwanese immigrant taught -- -- played basketball -- showing him tapes of Kareem Abdul Jabbar. -- his smile. Maybe -- the joy he gets from the gate maybe it's his humility. Obviously -- sat out all the fans think brilliant and you know. It -- the fact of the matter might heed the it's important for Jeremy -- and that's simply. Means seeing. John Berman for Nightline in --

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{"id":15661052,"title":"Linsanity: Fans Go Wild","duration":"3:46","description":"New York Knicks' Jeremy Lin, an unknown point guard, shot to stardom overnight.","url":"/Nightline/video/linsanity-fans-wild-knicks-lin-15661052","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}