Louis CK on Tracy Morgan Gay Comment

Comedian defends Morgan and says it was a "wasted opportunity" for discussion.
2:56 | 12/09/11

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Transcript for Louis CK on Tracy Morgan Gay Comment
He said. If my son is gay. He better come to me about it like command. Because if he comes to me like this many good -- FM and -- gave -- I'll stab that little wouldn't throw. That's a very different idea to me because. He's not saying if my son is -- stabbed -- say he's saying I need to hear from him. In a way that I recognize. A man should act and that's a really profoundly. Confusing. Thought. Like here's Tracy I don't know anything much -- past I can make assumptions because he's black. But he grew up in a culture where being a man had a one waited meters away people had a obligation. To be a man and a certain way and it was important for his family to view -- is -- and then that runs. Then they that he -- gay men. And he is known -- -- accommodate that like how do you how you look at a person who actually this. And -- that's a man some people go through that you know. I have been more exposed to gay people my whole life and like my -- -- a school where. -- fathers -- -- is like a lot of gay dads and these are some of the best dads and now these are some of the most. Courageous man Lee fatherly man I know and they talk like Smith you know self. If you've encountered enough times -- -- That's how hard you wouldn't -- with him the data -- know who talk like that I wouldn't mess with him he's a bad ass. But. Somebody from Tracy's world may be happening Karen yet he's trying to figure it out to me that joke is Traci trying to figure it out my sons -- LOK. But he better not -- hawk like that. Because I can't take it I don't know how to deal that he's afraid of -- -- he's confused by. And then he blacks through the whole idea with a joked as -- jokes are you don't tiptoe through the idea -- -- school I would stab that little and throat. And that brings everybody huge relief in a very scary weird place and makes them laugh I think this opportunity that was loss. What's for the gay community. To ask Traci why did you say that what was your dad -- what is being mean to you. You know I mean it could have been a starting point of a conversation. That might have actually. Made a difference. In how people feel about homophobia. And it would have actually went somewhere but did you say you can't say that and that's hate speech and go -- -- sorry -- it was a waste of time. To me I think was wasted opportunity so to me if I tell a joke and people get upset and it's out there and -- comply generation and a and controversy that's good people are talking talking as always good.

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{"duration":"2:56","description":"Comedian defends Morgan and says it was a \"wasted opportunity\" for discussion. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"15123010","title":"Louis CK on Tracy Morgan Gay Comment","url":"/Nightline/video/louis-ck-tracy-morgan-gay-comment-15123010"}