Lung Transplant Recipient's Quest to Know Donor

Part 2: In a rare moment, Lyndsey McLaughlin met her donor's mother and learned his story.
7:22 | 11/29/13

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Transcript for Lung Transplant Recipient's Quest to Know Donor
It might be the hardest -- a mother could ever made to let go of her own brain dead child so that a patient in need. Can receive the gift of life. Before anyone waiting for hard a liver or kidney or long as. From tragedy comes home. We're back with the incredible story of two families whose lives collided. Along transplant has save -- McLaughlin life but she says she can't rest until she knows. Who saved. For Linda McLaughlin a new pair -- long means a new chance at life. But whose death alone could live again the question on that and calling it was -- -- blue and there's -- He usually -- -- should ever known. Lindsay was determined to get an answer at Lindsey's request that New York organ donor network contacted the donor's family. They also want to -- because they too have a story to town. Adrian Rodriguez was a real charm and -- high school seniors of -- loved his son. A darn good. The next thing. Again Brett -- -- he had nothing much to me. The extent that outsized talent here fashion. Class -- -- the -- for them money as. His mother says he Frontline just -- -- -- high school on Manhattan's lower east side. It was a long commute from home in the Bronx but well worth. Meaning -- tomorrow afternoon -- -- school principal. Chris time and that anything and bounced into my office -- -- -- pastries in one hand and beautiful cucumbers salad and the -- and said. Good morning as Mimi I and -- Patriot Act and act like he was content teacher Adrian created his own cooking show. According to the schools teaching kitchen. -- when you storm he was always and is this ship outfit -- parents always Dexter Hannibal the school's college advisor. Salty -- and apply for scholarships to culinary schools he says he won't have to. Put these applications and how do you mean we're not been made this -- so. Adrian had his on the future. Narratives. -- He was. A young man who really committed himself. To his dream being fashion -- but also. Students -- absolute generosity of spirit that said. I -- -- world let me know what I can do for you. People first 2011. Adrian Rodriguez -- -- interest. Cool. -- Adrian was planning to school. Excited about today. -- -- issues. News and he had slipped on the subway from. Excellent witness train pulled it. -- -- -- -- -- Can you please call the -- Asked for the principal. Police officer said it is aging introduce -- student and I just. My heart stopped us and wine -- -- he. We needed to contact his family and need to come to -- immediately experience. He left seven. Son 8 o'clock. I received a phone call Diane -- meaning men at Bellevue hospital. He waited. And -- -- had at least six hours. -- six hours six. I'll -- -- the -- if they fail they saw me that he was met conditions. -- like in a panic loan well let's say what the -- -- was finally taken to a person's -- His skull was fractured and -- was a meant to draw a line between life and death. He was gone. But his -- -- intact. He was still -- and then later. It wasn't enough to let my son he was on in this tools. It was cold. And Alice holding him talking -- you remember me Jane Kenyon he's come back -- -- in July happened. At 10 PM Adrian was declared brain dead. And his mother was asked to vote donating his organs. I now. Nice that it's not timing is just -- C system is just the kings deciding -- we spoke about what it would be like without Adrian. And what do would be like without any dream but with his heart beating in in in -- -- society. In the end Diana -- the only decision she felt she could. He left to share -- for their bags. Camping has an -- held -- -- out percent of come on -- UH. One mother's loss would save another mother's child. All I could think of that today with how lucky we -- and how unfortunate she was. I mean as a mother I just can't imagine how she felt that day. And we were just so grateful and somehow I just. Hope she knew how grateful Weaver and her son's -- my daughter's life. This circle will still not complete. They needed to meet. What you see first you say I'm sorry for your loss CC thank you so much and have no idea how much has changed my life because I don't want. -- her face how amusing -- -- isn't. How great I am doing because her sons are hearing lawyer and that stinks. It's crazy for me to think that like she can literally put her hands here and you can feel. Hint it's hidden breathing liberal I'm breathing with him. It was just Diana and Lindsey who share an unbreakable bond. Miss Demetrin develop cancer in the left kidney and three other people as well Ari one who received Adrian -- Another his pancreas. A third his flippers and together they make -- new kind of family photo. -- -- Highlights here like all the stories about him in the not that I was trying to live up to it before but now -- get -- get an even higher Bart and some you go rules to. I want to get cooking class because that's that he was -- am -- not a very good cop but I'm hoping media -- -- And maybe I'll be better at -- isn't funny kind of behind them with. And -- Adrian. Is part of I think about him every day when I went snorkeling I have literally -- snorkeling and -- this can you believe we're here. Can you believe we're doing this like yeah I'm here because you did this for me like. How cool is this. In on this day of the week each count our own blessings. Remembered Diana and Lindsay and Adrian king is and what it is constantly. One another and.

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{"id":21046471,"title":"Lung Transplant Recipient's Quest to Know Donor","duration":"7:22","description":"Part 2: In a rare moment, Lyndsey McLaughlin met her donor's mother and learned his story.","url":"/Nightline/video/lung-transplant-recipients-quest-donor-21046471","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}