Mad Hatters: Check Out Some of the Olympic Hats

At London 2012, the Brits take the gold in outrageous headwear.
3:00 | 08/02/12

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Transcript for Mad Hatters: Check Out Some of the Olympic Hats
Good evening an amazing day six here in London historic day for the Americans vote in the pool and in the gym. Thanks to -- Douglas lovingly known as the flying squirrel. She has a more dignified moniker tonight that is. First African American all around Olympic champion. -- -- -- the sixteen year old put together for gorgeous performances on the vault. Bars beam and -- to hold off the graceful Russians see her dreams come true -- race -- out of the medal hunt finished force still has the teen gold to be proud of though as for the duel in the -- meanwhile the 200 meter medley was supposed to be -- -- when Ryan locked he took the -- of greatness from Michael Phelps but. Phelps will not go gently into that good retirement. Another explosive gold for him to go with his twenty total -- he settles for silver and on the women's side a world record. In the breaststroke of 200 meters gave Rebecca -- -- gold medal. And the -- eight. Road to their way to victory in a traditional reason to -- Mary Whipple into the drinks after -- six US has more medals secondly -- the Chinese but China has a couple extra silver so they remain on top South Korea. In third place with fourteen total among the many beautiful traditions the host nation provides the world how. We saw during the royal wedding we saw during the jubilee we're certainly seen during the Olympics. Thanks to our Special Olympics correspondent. -- founding. What would possess two of America's star beach volleyball players -- walked the streets of London and this ridiculous -- I mean in -- staring -- him. Jennifer Kesey an April Ross are right at home playing in their bikinis but strap on this crazy contraption. And they get much different looks. Written a few words of explanation. His hat wearing word Olympic -- Team USA would have some stiff competition because the brits would surely bring home the gold. From princess Beatrice -- posh spice even some -- -- still asking. When it comes to wacky -- nothing is too extreme. -- any occasion we'll do. The brits -- boys being completely anonymous -- and then from their -- of those rules and that have to be taken people. -- bundle McLaren one of London's -- coming mill owners. I looked quite sophisticated ten know yet the day. Her designs are all the rage even hit some Middleton had to have one adults people who didn't applicants she went. McLaren says the British obsession with -- dates back centuries. Probably to this woman. You'll see and it happened just doesn't seem suddenly DeVon John. A distant relative of princes in any event. Legend has it she can pull off hats that -- three feet tall. The united look at let me take up Kate Middleton -- -- -- -- -- comes today. And takes 45 -- each and this just Clarence latest design. Just in time for the summer games. -- -- What are your bank and you have to Wear a style that -- competent yet when you look like an -- -- -- which brings us back to those teen USA volleyball claims. We wanted to see if we could convince some of America's current olympians to try it on. And what that to take on the -- on their home turf. Jenna and run I don't know if you heard this it was just announced that they have decided on your closing ceremony attire they've added -- -- today. OK we had to civil and. Like the Olympic -- -- I don't know this -- What -- -- think -- been -- -- usually does on dancing. With the sun. It's comfortable and that's about like not months. Seriously. -- -- -- And help me get my -- -- man you're you're paying. No known back then I'll relaxing events -- I don't -- again. Christmas -- eat meat you being here thinking pounds yeah actually -- -- I don't think so we are explain it does have its fifth. -- unit and that it was. -- need to be something. Would. And -- would we be okay if we weren't as their wedding thing. But nothing you see what some people -- -- the vote -- My I don't get a visit. But on second thought maybe there are some things -- Americans should just concede to -- Nightline I'm Julie -- -- have to come up with a -- For the rest of my -- reports you know when in Rome or London I suppose.

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{"id":16918383,"title":"Mad Hatters: Check Out Some of the Olympic Hats","duration":"3:00","description":"At London 2012, the Brits take the gold in outrageous headwear.","url":"/Nightline/video/mad-hatters-check-olympic-hats-16918383","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}