'Mad Men': Show Secrets

"Nightline" got an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at the smash-hit TV show.
7:02 | 03/15/12

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Transcript for 'Mad Men': Show Secrets
Mad men it's television phenomenon winning four back to back Emmys for best drama. While making the world of 1960s. Advertising look -- so glamorous -- tonight is the show gets ready to start its hotly anticipated fifth season. A rare four of the closed set thrown open for our cameras here's ABC's Chris com. -- -- Nostalgia literally means. The pain from an old wound. It's a twinge. In your heart. Far more powerful than memory alone. Memory and power. Pain in old wounds and Jon Hamm as the dashing enigmatic ad man Don Draper not one to suffer fools gladly. -- need you to go get a cardboard box. -- -- -- All are set to return for the fifth season of AMC's mad men -- -- 45. Bring viewers back to the hard living and loving advertising world of the 1960s. We were given a rare tour of the show's meticulously detailed set. By that Vince creator Matthew Weiner trail. -- conference around was that man there that is. We're we're shooting Dunn's funeral today so it's sort of -- -- I didn't have anything that's of uncomfortable moments in history that uncomfortable moments every room -- -- -- -- -- -- but from the smokes in the -- to the memos and IBM's Electric's Weiner is responsible not only for the -- sumptuous storytelling. Fascinating and appalling it's devoted fans. What do women want. Who cares. Also overseas -- men's -- -- perfect appeal. This is a reproduction of -- Truman had on his desk autographed picture of that buddy Epson in the biggest show on the air at that time this is a picture up from obscurity at that Pete's wife. You actually see this exact frame with a different picture -- in the pilot she had not passed yet. OK can now so if you go back once the pilot will -- -- the picture up there is a picture of my mother -- my arm. Actors remain impressed by the -- taste details. These are just shells it looks like just the thing and you realize -- it's -- -- -- there's been three million cigarettes smoked in this things countries that black flight like they used. Tell I was I would advise against it. Elisabeth -- -- Peggy Olson was the secretary. Now she's a copy writer -- officer for -- With -- it's all period every single thing it's incredible and Nina are important. -- that close close at hand. Obviously idea fuel -- exactly. As -- and the agency's imperial lethal street office miniature. Christina Hendricks sets hearts ablaze a careful if you -- these terrorists as vehicles -- are. And everybody is always good to see how do you walk so when you show us how you sit in the chair delicately. You have to do a perfect balance. In the middle. That's it that's at. -- While no one will say where mad men's plot lines may be headed its bolstered by the mind meld between its creator and its star. The beginning of every season. John and I have a launch about what's gonna happen where is -- and I'm very collaborative person I may not remember that John gave me the best idea of the season and never mentioned again if we get a deal. That. He. You know gets to be out there -- super handsome and I get to have all the ideas to play Don Draper -- takes cues for memories of his late father. Remember going to write -- -- and to see row upon row suits. Probably seven suits and like who has seventy suits now it's kind of a lost. Part of a dressing up now or or special occasion but I think the -- kind of bringing -- -- notice me what's -- like to have that kind of influence on the culture. You know it's it's pretty great it's pretty cool thing. For both genders costume designer Janie Bryant -- team. Finds -- creates the looks now synonymous with the show. This is like the iconic blue new Betty candidate. I actually found it one of my favorite vintage stores here in Los Angeles. And with this one -- styling as of January Jones. Hailed as don's -- the lead with seven ex wife Betty what do you think guys -- so. They're all well. And I think this sometimes people are attracted women are attracted to battle -- big. And because they have great suits and what does it all adds but -- -- a great as -- -- being treated like crap. Thirteen episodes of bedding and backstabbing mischief now lie ahead for -- men's characters yet no one is forgotten the five years Matt Weiner was out of work. When this story existed only -- -- pilot script but claimed by other writers but unproduced. Until AMC's saved. What was your reaction of. The rules of the month's rent for the role for the first. -- I tell us without looking less -- You know I went no one had ever read any of the script out loud and I went into the men's room and I pulled the -- track. -- burst into tears your. -- me. He think if it. Let's say here which is and human. Disaster. It's. We're never gonna get this. Like the script he was reading for the show's leading -- was battered by years of rejection and all those years when. They just were -- and guys like Q what's the thought. I'm just a guy at a time. Very much felt -- way -- always looked a little older you know wasn't I was not getting Dawson's Creek. I didn't look seventy -- -- seventy it's just where was. But I would get called in for their dad you ever think back to those months when you wondered if she would get to -- this thing. Yeah yeah I mean I was I was -- In a place where -- had. I haven't tested for about seven. My record seven shows -- not gotten any. And this was the last of -- -- -- -- -- he operator -- go forward. You're gonna be like the great tragic story that guy he -- that great script they never made it. And now everything he could -- -- dreamed about. -- -- Just having you like. -- that question is you know as an out of body experience for me I wish it on every one every artist out there should get to have this experience. For a second even. It's a very very rare gift that I am. Absorbing. -- I'm Chris Connolly for Nightline in Los Angeles.

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{"id":15924929,"title":"'Mad Men': Show Secrets","duration":"7:02","description":"\"Nightline\" got an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at the smash-hit TV show.","url":"/Nightline/video/mad-men-show-secrets-15924929","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}