Madonna Talks Family and Super Bowl

Material Girl talks to Cynthia McFadden about her kids and upcoming performance.
2:51 | 01/13/12

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Transcript for Madonna Talks Family and Super Bowl
We're back now with Madonna who is crazy busy these days balancing four kids a new album and -- -- and a new film. Well they're not too little thing called those Super Bowl. The public has all kinds of images of Madonna and its collective head the material girl. To express yourself. To save the world in four minutes. But what's most precious 200 these days happens out of sight. The role as mother of four kids board -- is the oldest at fifteen. To your kids -- say. Mom you're just not cool do you get the -- roll because I -- -- the -- roll lately. On they don't say it's not cool but my daughter just say that's an appropriate in the -- The temperature is right. Because it's too what in what way inappropriate. Well like for instance I went to the screening of -- him the other night and I was just feeling fun and frivolous side put on this great -- -- dolce gabbana corset that's just. -- little. Course at Stetson of putting tape on and she came into my dressing -- she's a mom what -- you doing isn't going to my screening of my -- -- That's not director that's not director take it off take it off -- inappropriate. And think really I just I just. Okay she was right she is right and changed and I actually put on a better outfit and I don't take. The day of our interview she was racing off to a dance rehearsal what's happening now I have 250 cancer treated me right now. -- -- -- For her much anticipated halftime show the Super Bowl. So what's more frightening having the movie open are performing. That this typical specific -- And I mean have you planned that what you can do -- I'm in the process of doing that I have eight minutes to set up -- -- Twelve minutes to put on the greatest honor -- -- seven minutes to take it down. So that football field this -- for this second half of the game. And that's the challenge. How do you do that we do have an idea -- yeah I do what an a few things. Have been shot down because I can't do things have blog site lines and I can't then that -- under the clean now. No there's a roof on the stadium. What that would more -- -- be a quick include Michelle I'm pretty painful. I actually -- -- to have. A hundred jumpers come from the -- I liked it's cool right yeah content online from the ceiling not that can't take the -- -- now so there's a lot of that you know I have ideas -- -- like oh my god this is amazing and I know that's not where. Something tells me the director singer icon mother could come up with -- the --

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{"id":15351786,"title":"Madonna Talks Family and Super Bowl","duration":"2:51","description":"Material Girl talks to Cynthia McFadden about her kids and upcoming performance.","url":"/Nightline/video/madonna-images-star-15351786","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}