Madonna on 'W.E,' Men and Paparazzi

Exclusive: "Nightline's" Cynthia McFadden sat down with the Queen of Pop.
7:04 | 01/13/12

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Transcript for Madonna on 'W.E,' Men and Paparazzi
She is a true American original trend setting mind bending -- -- An icon for the past three decades if sometimes a controversial one. She is tiny in person but her accomplishments are huge she is quite simply the top selling female recording artists of all time. You might think that would be quite enough you'd be wrong. She's busier than ever on February 3 a film she co wrote and a record called WE opens. Two days later. She performs at the Super Bowl. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It was on her -- tour. Aptly named sticky and sweet. Feeling at all from jumping. In her signature of both. He's come a long way since -- of the version. Now the best selling mills walked -- When -- entry is about to go on tour again -- just signed a new music deal reportedly. Forty million. If you're buying -- and that's what -- 740 million dollars and nobody handed me forty million dollars I don't know about. Looks good on Paper. It sure does but that's not all she's up to him. Madonna is also directing her first feature film and -- Aggregate directing seems to come naturally. She even drags on and you from. Yes I want that you -- thing kicks her move with. And -- The film which she also co wrote but doesn't appear -- is called W -- -- It's -- the controversial love story of king Edward the eighth and the twice divorced Wallis Simpson. A union that would rock the British empire SM -- -- stem for the prime minister was identified and on the Hudson. I'm walking amongst -- as well we'll. Indeed she wants -- gave up the throne for the woman he loved in 1936. Have you ever been love. Like that -- certainly fallen in love with people who are willing to make make sacrifices for me possibly not as deep as I would've liked and sneak. And I have. Made very big sacrifices for people that I have left and the great discovery that I -- Whilst doing mystery stretches that there is no such thing as perfect love and -- obviously know that in the back of my head and not. An eighty but. You know I have -- hopelessly romantic strange -- -- moments. I am sorry but. Still after all these years -- not. -- -- -- does love life has certainly had its own ups and downs it's been three years since -- highly publicized divorce from British film director Guy Ritchie. -- new loan 24 year old dancer bribe schemes -- if famously dating younger man lots of talk that is is there. -- to talk her into Florida such I don't know how boring old -- not. OK. But he -- why. You know I didn't like right cannon a piece of Paper I'm now going to have a relationship with the younger man that's just what happened. You see that's the romantic in me I just met someone that I cared for and this happens to be his age. And -- -- period. I don't feel comfortable -- this conversation. But. You know I. I don't want to live my life on my I love being a mother. My children. Fill -- up in many ways and and and inspire me in many ways I need a partner and -- I've never really meant to conventional life so I think it's quite foolish for me. Or anyone else to start thinking that I'm gonna start making conventional choice so how things -- -- -- -- -- -- I believe -- millions -- in the it is important now I don't know I mean I go home and I wash my face and I put on my -- pants and I. Laid out on the bed and I say oh he's -- my feet and you know and he says -- you about my feet. So. You know behind the the curtain I'm just like everybody else. But -- -- a master of controversy. The film dives right in with sparks flying around -- of the duke and duchess of Windsor -- As has been widely reported. Nazi sympathizers. Could you could -- sidestepped the issue and -- that you didn't you if you didn't want to deal that I didn't. I didn't but I wanted to because I think it was something that was a real shadow that they had to leave under that's a huge. Libelous accusation. But what happens pictures proving the couple did meet with Hitler in 1937. I do not believe they were Nazi sympathizers he did have a meeting with Hitler. But so did a lot of heads of states and that didn't make him a Nazi sympathizer. But I think people started to spin this tale and this yarn and it was easy for a lot of people two to. Put that label on them. Despite what our FBI they say it retrospective -- first of all the FPI's notorious for line. And second of all there is actually no empirical evidence that canned fruit. That they were not -- -- Nazi sympathizers. And you won't be able to give me inhabitants. I promised he would -- end up liking Wallis Simpson I I love her. Yeah they do this year as a human being I see -- as a finalist and in some ways. Of course they do I identify with her ability to survive against all odds I think she was deeply. Deeply misunderstood by people and I think. You know obviously I can relate to that. She -- to relate to the fame and the infant. -- -- -- It is for life. -- cameras are so intrusive in the paparazzi all of that is so. Breathtaking. Kind of way he had -- energy sucking the is how it feels to be on the other side of those rumors. Sharon mean there's a certain aspect to the cameras that feel like. A weapon is being planned today in and shooting at you is -- exhausting. Yet delight in red carpet for disease. -- -- -- coming down and -- an Alka-Seltzer. Sometimes they do yes sometimes it really does take your breath away but you know I'm not really in a position to complain pay heed to high class problem. He's got many of the -- like. What's -- going to do the Super Bowl halftime.

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{"id":15351773,"title":"Madonna on 'W.E,' Men and Paparazzi","duration":"7:04","description":"Exclusive: \"Nightline's\" Cynthia McFadden sat down with the Queen of Pop.","url":"/Nightline/video/madonna-movie-men-super-bowl-15351773","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}