Make My Pet Famous

Animals rule the internet, but is it as easy as it looks?
8:59 | 06/19/13

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Transcript for Make My Pet Famous
Abc's "the lookout," now, we're unleashing our own undercover dog. What does it take to make your pet famous? This is jubert. Standard poodle. Where did you get the hat? At a pet boutique. His owner knows he's a special dog and outfits him accordingly. He seems like a smart dog. He really is. He loves people. The children in the neighborhood come to the gate and ring the bell to play with jubert. He's a celebrity. Oh, yeah. Everyone knows him from miles around. But joe bert has aspiration of stardom beyond the local neighborhood. Here's looking at you, kid. Winning the heart of a pretty woman. And his favorite, goose, who is his maverick, "top gun." These days, dogs are big stars, too. They have their own version of the oscars the golden collar award. Complete with red carpet and hollywood agents. He deserves it. Did you see his performance? This dog, just signed with the uber prestigious creative artist agency. How hard can it be to make your mutt just sit in a car for a tv commercial like this one for bud light or look cute on "modern family" or this oggie in the artist. We sent jubert to hollywood to find out. This time, there's a few agencies dedicated to make your pet into an actor. Among them, hollywood paws, who claims to be the biggest and it's an academy. It will cost you. They will train your mutt for the big screen for little less than $3,000. That's one class every other week, plus homework for over a year. Jubert, will see what you get for your money. Jubert. Excellent. You see, she is an abc, her daughter works for "the lookout." Jubert is our corespondent. Take your picture. Yeah. Have a seat. We're going to look at your dog and tell you if he is a good fit. Very good. He's really exceptionally bright. Easily trainable and obviously beautiful. I think he would be perfect for the movie work. We'll start with the shake. Of course, classes at hollywood paws are full of other owner/trainers with stars in their eyes who are ready to invest. I'm ally, this is my dog. I'm brad and this is my zipper. I'm emily. This is my dog, gandolpf. I work in the adult entertainment industry. Okay. Some of them have met with some success. Where's your mark? This dog here, she a big deal. He rides in a stroller, has a professional resume and collection of head shots. He played a little girl, he played bella. Is that what you were hoping for the bright lights? Yeah. It's fun. It's a lot more fun than anything else. Good, boy. Lot more fun than my regular job. Which is? Social worker. Peanut is talented. Watch this. That's acting. He is pretending to pee, but he is not. Spielberg would be impressed. Lovely maggie here has great skills. She trains like a boy dog. She can play a boy or girl dog. Sit. She can hump like a boy dog. Well done. That hollywood paws doesn't generally land the big movies. Petco is their number one customer. Sports placed american idol contestant. And a commercial, starring sweet little maggie, who is apparently big in japan. but their offices are on a studio lot in l.A. Where they shoot "madmen" and other movie posters adorn their wall. Sleeping dogs lie? Yes. Did you guys train that dog? I believe one of our past trainers helped with that. It's not a hollywood paws job. The people who own hollywood paws, by the way, own a modeling academy and agency for tee and pre-teen humans. But back to the aspiring stars of the four-legged variety. Is she the type of dog you would be looking for? Will they say jubert has the chops? He is a good-look poodle. The look would change. New haircut? Small obstacle. Is there a age limit? There isn't. I know she 10 years old. As far as the limit, there's not. Your limit would be when he doesn't enjoy this anymore. The hollywood paws verdict on jubert? What do you think his potential is? I can tell you if you were to get the training and they want a poodle, you have a 50/50 shot. Jubert could make 350 bucks a day, but there is a but -- we obviously don't control what we get calls for and when. And in that respect, you're just like any other actor in hollywood. Still, 50/50 chance they would use him for poodle jobs, it was promising stuff. Before spending the money, we decided to get a second opinion with some big-time trainers. Omar here -- come on. Back. Trains oggie. Winner of golden collar. Best dog in a theatrical film. Thank you so much. He trains dogs from modern family. Golden collar winner for best dog in a script. Take a look at what their little stars and their friends can do. This, they say, takes years of work. We wanted an assessment from these big-time trainers on the charming jubert. Jubert, hello. He's french. Yes. He has a thing for creamy french breeds. He will eat it if we don't take it away. Their assessment, very different from the one we had at hollywood paws. The first issue -- how old is jubert is this. He is 10. Normally I would say you can teach an old dog new tricks, but if they're going to start out with a movie career, that's a little up there. It can't be. I would like to see jubert on tv in that berret and the ascott. To me it seems like she a natural. If they're exceptionally calm like he is? Yeah. I mean, he obviously has a very nice temperament, but realistically, he seems a little bit nervous to me, just because he is panting. But come on, wouldn't you be is this. He is very trainable. I mean, this was a dog that was housebroken in 24 hours. People have really cute, smart dogs, everybody we get approached all the time, but it isn't a part-time thing. It's a profession. Turns like these u pups were raised for the silver screen. Living and training with professionals like sara from the time they were little ones. Even like a dog food commercial or anything? Commercials are the hardest medium you can do. Tell it to us straight, what chances does jubert have of being a movie star? Be honest. I feel very bad. I don't think he has a good chance at all. Not every dog is made to be a movie dog. It's like not every person is made to be a brad pitthe. Not looking good jubert. Are you upset? I feel kind of bad. I really thought he had great potential. Don't worry, jubert. Poor, jubert, looks like this appearance on "the lookout" might be his only shot at primetime after all. Maybe someone should tell his owner. It's time!

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