Makeup Wars

The Lookout team tries makeup at three different price points to see how it looks and how it lasts.
6:56 | 08/28/13

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Transcript for Makeup Wars
A woman's face is a blank canvas until there is makeup. But how much do you really have to spend to get a great look that will last? To find out, we brought three models all the way from mobile, alabama to new york city. There is nothing wrong with your eyes. The grave sisters are identical triplets. We put together three sets of makeup with three wildly different price points. Christie's makeup is unbelievably cheap using pencils shadows and mascara almost all of which costs 99 cents each. Lindssy's is made up of drugstore brands costing $10 or less. Whitney is wearing luxury brand. Foundation $80. Lipstick $60. But is it really worth the investment? Can you tell the difference? Here in central park you would be shocked at how many people couldn't tell which face is the most expensive. They're gorgeous. I'd have to say probably number two? I'm going to go this number here on the left. Couldn't have done worse. If you had to guess who is the most expensive? Her? You got it. Camila is a prod ji but 13 out of 20 people couldn't tell the difference. Hello. We've ambushed you over here. One person who might be able to figure it out, makeup artist carnandy from what not to wear. We have a lot of shimmer, smoky eyes. I think I know. You do? Yes. Probably the most polished and pulled together is this look right here. Wow, ladies, the big reveal. Oh, my goodness. Spot on. Then she makes a full prediction. Even if you are not an expert, she says by the time we're done you'll see a difference. We are designing extreme challenges, the goal to see which face lasts the longest. First up, the mascara challenge. How will it hold up to 20 minutes of chopping onions. I'll be wearing goggles in case this gets ugly. I can feel it through the goggles. I'll tell you a sad story. Finally a tear and then another. All three ladies are wearing water proof mascara. How did unbelievably cheap do? Immediately a see smujing here with the eye liner. So that didn't hold up at all. The drugstore mascara barely smujed. After scrutiny, the con fences is whitney, it is $790 face stayed freshest. Let's get brisket, one pork bone. The lipstick challenge. How will it stand up to juicy ribs basted in barbecue sauce? The unbelievably cheap lips sitting pretty. This time the mid range drugstore brand looked the worst. It's blotchy. The luxury lipstick tied with the unbelievably cheap variety. Up next the hot date challenge. How about 15 minutes in a sticky sauna to simulate a summer night out when the last thing you want is for him to see you sweat. Watch how christie with the cheap makeup starts to perspire. Halfway through her face makeup is melting. Where as whitney wearing the luxury brand and lindsey, the drugstore face look dewey but intact. This is remarkable. Nothing is moved. We were down to one more epic challenge, mother nature. For this we called upon a movie special effects warehouse in brooklyn. Did someone say a little wind? How about some mist? Okay, que the rain. 35 mile per hour winds near tropical storm force, a monsoon shower. I'm pretty sure the triplets makeup is about to meet its match. Any final thoughts? Nope. Cue the wind. Can we have a little mist? Cue the rain. Your makeup looks awesome. Reporter: The ladies never once complained, but they agree the rain storm the worst. We're cruel. Even drenched the triplets look lovely but let's zoom in for a closer look. Hers is a hot mess. Her foundation rolled down her face like a mud slide. What's surprising is just how good lindsey's drugstore brand still looks. Your shadow and mascara is perfect. I cannot believe it. I can't believe it either. Reporter: One face stood up to the tropical storm force winds and rain with barely a smuj. Whitney with the luxury $790 makeup kits. I have to say it looks good. I'm shocked. What does it all add up to? Our experts say you don't necessarily have to spend $800 on a makeup kit. Remember, our unbelievably cheap dollar lipstick stood up just as well as the $61 version. She says there is a reason for that. She's been in factories where expensive and inexpensive lip sticks are made side by side. The color might be different, the name is different but the same formula. So you're paying for packaging branding. As for your eyes, there wasn't a lot of difference between them but she says where you really want to splurge is foundation, concealer and powder. The technology is in those formulas and it's too expensive to put in drugstore brands. So you don't end up looking like a hot mess or a tropical

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{"id":20102218,"title":"Makeup Wars ","duration":"6:56","description":"The Lookout team tries makeup at three different price points to see how it looks and how it lasts.","url":"/Nightline/video/makeup-wars-20102218","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}