Making Hip-Hop Stars into Status Symbols

Steve Stoute is the ad man who makes big deals happen for Beyonce and others.
5:09 | 11/11/11

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Transcript for Making Hip-Hop Stars into Status Symbols
Like other stars the giants in the hip hop world from. What to Wear to what to drink but now. -- -- being used to sell products to people weren't necessarily fans but no cool when they see it behind it all. Is one plugged in pitch man. Here's ABC's Deborah where it's. It's a full night in Manhattan. And industries from every walk of life have turned down for party thrown by -- hip hop JC. The -- in honor of his close friend Steve -- Can't even if you haven't heard of him you've probably noticed his influence. Beyonce selling cell phones JC's famous voice behind lap tops you mean -- -- an opening. How do you like a good neighbor state farm is there with -- LeBron James pitching State Farm Insurance. It's all part of what Steve -- calls -- spinning of America the title of his recently published book. Hip hop stars are -- status symbols curators of cool who can sell products not just a Black America. But to ask me why -- Today he's the successful ad man behind dozens of multimillion dollar celebrity -- preparing. Take adult she's thought. But -- Lady Gaga and Mac contest is as -- obvious. Still noticed the trend in the midnight the see more and more white faces a hip hop concerts and the almost colorblind impact of urban music. It's an amazing thing the C. Why they -- me feel like jail why -- they dressing like Sean. Because they wanted the brain active big team the movie men in black. Will Smith's famous mom. -- make this look good. And he said I think he's look at and I forget how much people will bind the states -- if you make if you put the product. In the close proximity. With some that's -- and pop culture in a way that people believe. You could sell a lot of products out of everything else needs to be honest. So with thirty forced out gambled on his future setting out to introduce corporate America -- to be influential world of hip hop. He started an ad agency with a fitting name translation. I want it. Take the advertising business in its additional model and state and added that a pop culture to. Soon a big break. -- -- -- -- -- -- They were going through tough times and they came with the campaign among the executives at McDonald's brought me -- said -- you find a way to ensure that when we launched I'm loving it. That tagline. He's accepted by popular culture. I -- -- -- I thought that -- be great because he was wherever great artists in the music business and he was fully take. Black girls like girls no one looked at him to column -- struck. Well I'm -- this is McDonald's and longest running campaign. This -- is -- looking -- updated image called Steve. And the only thing I remembered about government as a kid growing up. Is it had W pleasure double -- fun so I went. Created assault -- forever gave it to these young artist and Chris brown and forever -- to become number one in twelve countries around the world and then. Five months after that revealed that it was in good condition that and it was -- -- Suddenly the tanning of America was real Justin Bieber performing with -- share. Lincoln Park to -- And kids won't -- -- unions. I didn't folks. At the -- at a parade. Where everybody got -- liberties have always endorsed products but -- says today's consumers won't mind phony -- W -- attack commuter -- it's because that's a very clear example. Of somebody who makes a lot of money every year it why would that person. Honestly be driving -- view. Why it why would you believe that. It's all about being real something his buddy Sean Diddy Combs has master. Even he admits he has -- to sank. He was the one net. Fuss was a dealmaker he didn't just make the deal he helped empower hip -- -- -- -- -- out he's coming helped all of us. Need to connections with people that we would normally make connections and the generation that understands. That no longer do I have to be. What I was told to be because of my ethnicity I can be anything one of the second borrowed this culture -- -- that culture I can put them together. For Nightline I'm Deborah Roberts.

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{"id":14929936,"title":"Making Hip-Hop Stars into Status Symbols","duration":"5:09","description":"Steve Stoute is the ad man who makes big deals happen for Beyonce and others.","url":"/Nightline/video/making-hip-hop-stars-status-symbols-14929936","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}