Man accused of cyber-harassing woman says he didn't get a fair trial: Part 2

Todd Zonis was found responsible for intentional invasion of privacy, intentional infliction of emotional distress and defamation, and he has since filed an appeal.
6:41 | 03/09/18

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Transcript for Man accused of cyber-harassing woman says he didn't get a fair trial: Part 2
Courtney and Steven Allen say they endured a year of cyber harassment. You don't think you can run away from this You created. So relentless. He involved me. His fault not mine. Anything happens it's his fault. Led to a cover story in wired magazine. The Allen's say was at the hands of this man, Todd zones so we went to meet him face to face. We just landed in Phoenix, Arizona, here to have a sit down interview with Todd zoneis. Right from the jump it was tense. You okay? No. She's not real happy about it. Anything I can do to help? Say you didn't do anything. Well we'll try to make it as brief as possible let's start at the beginning. How did you meet Courtney Allen? I played an online game for the first time in my life and she was a player as well. This is where the stories diverge. Todd says he and his wife befriended Courtney. You were involved in the correspondence. Yeah she sent me gifts made me tag for things in my garden, stuff like that. She describes your relationship more emotional, romantic. Not true at all. Why do you think she's saying this. That's easy. Yeah we turned her down. They allege Courtney prop sigszs them for sex. Yeah her husband he's very, you met him right, he's a very controlling abusive guy, that's how he was described to us. That's what she told us. We asked about the explicit images of Courtney sent over Facebook. The videos were sent to friends of the Allens from a Facebook account and cording to a legal team that Facebook account was logged into from your house. So was that not you? No. That wasn't me. In June 2015 Steven and Courtney Allen took Todd zoneis to court suing him for invasion of privacy inflection of emotional distress and defamation proving he was responsible for the siberia harassment would have been nearly impossible if not for the handful of e-mails lynched to his e-mail are denies the e-mails. Allen's lawyers presented e-mails from your I P address. February 20, 2015. We're curious is this coming strictly from the wired story? No these are from the data. Okay. That was, yeah. We were wondering why we N have the heard anything about our claims we know about theirs. The reason I'm presenting the evidence they put forward because I need to give you a chance to respond to it. Any claim you want to make go ahead and make it. They gave us a drive containing what he says was proof of his innocence which we found little wasn't already presented in court. Todd repeatedly stressed he isn't even good with computers. Literally I'm a computer moron. That's all we own. Right. I'd never done any of this before so no I had no involvement in any of that. S if there's a die a bolical master mind you're saying it is not you it's Steven. No I can't even send e-mail properly it's a joke. Passion is passion. I did nothing wrong. Is the voice mail you? Yeah it's me. I'm not doing this again. This is you saying this. But didn't do it and I'm not going through another trial again and that's what this feels like so I'm done. All this could be explained if taken in context. If you say it is your can voice what does it matter when it came. Well does it matter he attacked me three or four months before any of this happened. If that matters than time scheme matters. They say they never got a fair trial the judge wouldn't let them include testimony about losing out on their inheritance after Steve Allen exposed the alleged affair to Todd's parent. In my case that's $2.1 million plus the home I grew up in. WWE all of that was gone. I was trying to contact them. They want nothing to do with us. There's a reason you weren't provided with any of this stuff or it's not available that's why I started my blog which we get death threats on now. And some are very personal. Either way, my wife's very concerned about that. She goes to work in fear now. Stop. Okay, okay. Anyways. Can I get you a tissue. Please. I'm sorry babe. Did you get done. Yeah. Going to be all just -- I know. The jury found zones responsible for intentional invasion of privacy and inflection of emotional stress and defamation of $8.9 million. Good knowing people could look past what I had done and realize this behavior isn't okay from him. That what I did isn't cause to ruin our lives. Those are his actions. I may have helped ruin our lives by providing that information but it's not my fault it's him and his actions. Todd zoneis has already filed an appeal. Didn't have a stalker until we had one. So yeah you may think you're fine now but something could happen and you put all that stuff on the internet. Could be there for decades. For Courtney and Steven Allen this ordeal feels far from over. Do you worry though that speaking to the media could ramp things back up. It is a possibility. We think it's important that people understand what can happen. You don't have to be celebrity you just have to put your trust in the wrong person and that could happen. An we will be right back.

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{"id":53630707,"title":"Man accused of cyber-harassing woman says he didn't get a fair trial: Part 2","duration":"6:41","description":"Todd Zonis was found responsible for intentional invasion of privacy, intentional infliction of emotional distress and defamation, and he has since filed an appeal.","url":"/Nightline/video/man-accused-cyber-harassing-woman-fair-trial-part-53630707","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}