Man Has Guinness Record for Most Records

Meet the super athlete who holds more than 300 Guinness World Records.
3:59 | 03/10/12

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Transcript for Man Has Guinness Record for Most Records
367. That is how many Guinness world records have been held or attempted by the man you're about to meet. Everything from gigantic who whooping two jumping rope under water so -- ask what drives this most prolific of record breakers. ABC's TJ Winick finds out. In papers on driveway. We're -- cycle under water but you might look publication read of religious training with the circus they think I'm crazy. But he he'd be the most -- -- -- we never heard -- feel great. A quarter are expected to tighter with time I was really stupid -- up. Race against a deck in this act as the fact that the -- -- -- -- yet. He has a one time or another. Attention and -- -- 367. In historical. I don't think of myself as -- great it is record. I think I mean -- itself as a big kid -- having fun. If you define fun as jumping rope under -- 900 times in one hour pedaling one point eight miles below the surface. -- this most famously keeps records for natural wonders everything from the man to the biggest gold nuggets to the fattest we're. But then there are those superlatives. For triumphs of the human spirit how would you describe. Again spirit I would say there's a bit of a dichotomy between. The formal nature of measurement and are -- records. But also -- slightly off the war interest thing unexpected world of record breaking where you really have to expect the unexpected. No one exemplifies that spirit more than -- The 57 year old -- stacking hula -- record setter from Jamaica queens BC he also holds the record. For most Guinness records. Sure deferment is the embodiment. -- and a assistance. And sheer and -- dedication to schools would -- -- us what's within two years might have even it to him. -- or not a shrink his drive his spiritual he's been a disciple of Indian gurus to reach a -- since he was a teenager. They discovered that once -- quiet the mind and you -- -- your right you have boundless energy. You know and I served as I start meditating I realized how. -- -- -- Well I didn't do it all his energy he focus that energy and breaking records and -- takes a lot to turn heads in New York City. That's what he's been doing ever since. Not just on the streets of queens. But in the Amazon. At the Leaning Tower of Pisa. -- at the Great Wall of China. We do always have a sense of expectation in terms of what is this guy's gonna do next just relax just let me talk to me off guard. Role in the over shoulder and what -- become a kind of ritual for the all time Guinness record holder. Amateurish -- also holds the record for running the fastest mile carrying a person of equal weight better -- I don't have to via a -- rapidly united -- some members see anyone can be an industry. I ask you if there were never be an end to that this the Guinness records because by saying we'll ever get tired of but eggplant army time. Yeah I mean if you like -- there are however I mean I think it's something that I love a thing as we enjoy -- -- shave his challenge I see my spiritual progress. You know. Everything I could possibly want is there so why don't -- stop for Nightline I'm TJ Winick New York. Impressive yes but does -- have the world record for highest pancake toss I don't know -- belongs to me. Fourteen feet. -- -- -- -- --

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{"id":15891929,"title":"Man Has Guinness Record for Most Records","duration":"3:59","description":"Meet the super athlete who holds more than 300 Guinness World Records.","url":"/Nightline/video/man-guinness-record-records-15891929","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}