Man to Hospital After Heart Attack Grill

A patron collapsed after eating the restaurant's triple-bypass burger.
4:47 | 02/17/12

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Transcript for Man to Hospital After Heart Attack Grill
But when we first heard about a restaurant out west called a heart attack grill and learned that they serve food was such -- memorable names as the quadruple bypass burger. And bragged about the -- so bad feeling ingredients we wonder whether it was all just a -- But service at the -- was in two ruptured by an emergency there was no joke at all here's ABC's Brian home. This week the heart attack grill apparently lived up to its name the restaurant where customers where hospital downs. And waitresses dressed as nurses was the scene of -- real medical emergency. I felt horrible forum. And I didn't know what to do I'm not really a nurse. A man eating the trademark triple bypass burger suddenly look like -- -- one. When paramedics wheeled -- -- -- -- Las -- establishment. An -- shot this cell phone video. And why not. It seemed to be a cruel practical joke or a publicity stunt but the -- owner who yes dresses as a doctor. It says it was the real deal correct this wasn't. Place whole thing if you've ever actually really witnessed a coronary issue. -- -- -- -- The victim is in his forties and is expected to make a full recovery. The same can't be said for this man. I'm up another few inches who many of these old pan. -- driver was the so called spokes model of the heart attack -- original location. Near Phoenix Arizona. If they. We met Blair in January of last year back then he told us one of the perks of the job he's eating free. One over 350. Pounds doesn't pay a cent. Here every so. -- -- have -- Go that long for him sadly two months after we madam Boyer died of pneumonia at the age of 29. When your spokesperson. Drops dead at the age of forty not. And he's morbidly obese by anybody's estimation. Don't have a problem. Absolutely. Who wouldn't every single person cared about the -- Had he had been thinner he most probably wouldn't survive that -- there's an argument being made -- you use this guy during his life and that now you are. Very morbidly using his staff. To continue to promote to -- I absolutely agree and very sick way his death has gotten the message out further. For a man who was making an awful lot of money serving up artery clogging -- they also has a most un usual justification. That America needs shock therapy to secure its obesity epidemic. He says he tried other messages he once owned a chain of Jenny Craig weight. -- senator and several personal training studio. I hope that every single person out there comes in and -- a hamburger and teacher from. But you know what I am saying loudly and as clearly as any business in America can. This is dangerous do you have a conscience at all. My conscience is simply this what would Blair hovering above me want me to do right now. And Blair would say this could put back on the staff -- -- Let's keep be in the doctors that everyone loves to hate because that really gets the message out. To keep delivering that message all week after Blair's untimely death. The heart attack grill has another spokes model. Burning heart yes that's his real last name. And yes he is chowing down on a quadruple bypass. It's even though my cardiologist and and my wife. Tell me not to come. And after surviving a coma. And multiple heart surgeries I still come -- enjoy the burgers. Ernie was actually the spokesperson before Blair but had to take a few months off after open heart surgery and -- -- -- wore a flying. Obesity wedge obviously feels absolutely I think it would be immoral to stop at this point. Explain that we're past the point of no return the heart attack grow. We have blood on their hands at this point the good doctor minted as a morbid joke that that I can't agree. Correct correct or not. But this week it almost came true and again. I'm -- -- for Nightline in Dallas.

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{"id":15706617,"title":"Man to Hospital After Heart Attack Grill","duration":"4:47","description":"A patron collapsed after eating the restaurant's triple-bypass burger.","url":"/Nightline/video/man-hospital-heart-attack-grill-15706617","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}