In 'Man Repeller' Fashion, Shoulder Pads, Overalls, Everything Is Fair Game creator Leandra Medine is daring women to wear bold looks loud and proud.
3:02 | 05/20/14

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Transcript for In 'Man Repeller' Fashion, Shoulder Pads, Overalls, Everything Is Fair Game
Fully feathers from product to two -- Valentino. Paint strokes after many. Over the top fashion if tailor made for the runaways but these trendy look themed worlds away from the everyday woman one vote I think. Every single trend you see -- relevance in an everyday world you know I think what you see in the runway. Is a very hard connect to our everyday lives but I think you take elements about it said dear friends but. Made of wool from 25 year old Leon -- -- is a fashion blogger who is daring regular women to Wear those bold trends loud and proud but really likening -- rest. Well even Wear these pants with his top landlord actually -- That was the last beyond -- calls her fashion philosophy man apparently yep I'm month trucks flaunting dialed that -- hate. -- and -- -- sort of mundane but I've given this social condition it's it's really much more about dressing in a way that you find really beautiful. Even know -- her -- hoping that a man might not it's. -- -- -- Her looks have gotten noticed in a big way Leon -- has a front row seat at Fashion Week and has granted lucrative design collaboration. From a sneaker lines just wearing dresses it Neiman Marcus -- that they don't -- News and a little bit. -- -- -- -- To people tell you that the -- he talked about on your blog are ugly -- Frequently it -- every now and then try to approach the outfits from the perspective of a bartender you know where bartender is putting together all these. Unlikely concoctions -- mixing them. And your safety and -- like this is phenomenal I sort of want to be doing the same thing where I'm pulling from all these random places and thing -- -- it seems like it's not gonna work I promise you will. And visited fashion closet -- Elle Magazine to learn how to walk the fine line between trendy and too much. Seasons biggest -- making cow disease says the biggest -- for -- our global prints oversized men's Wear and metallic. How much money in my -- -- now. I would say you're pretty much -- potentially ten -- My heart -- yeah. You're wearing a -- said Jose a mortgage payment a car when I tried all of the trends at one for the people at me straight on his worst dressed list. Now this is what we call over the top -- to sort of really make that statement with one thing because when -- have too much bigger screaming. No one can hear you -- down though my output had just might touch trendy. I mean I think also that it that you're wearing jeans wearing a tank top and you throw on -- -- and I think this is sort of you know. Carnival line with lightly and responsibly really as a -- its findings to sort of happened to who you -- For Nightline I'm be on -- military get in New York.

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{"duration":"3:02","description":" creator Leandra Medine is daring women to wear bold looks loud and proud.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"23787989","title":"In 'Man Repeller' Fashion, Shoulder Pads, Overalls, Everything Is Fair Game","url":"/Nightline/video/man-repeller-fashion-shoulder-pads-overalls-fair-game-23787989"}