HMS Bounty Sinks in Sandy Wrath

Historic sailing ship goes down off the North Carolina coast, forcing the crew to be rescued.
3:00 | 10/30/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for HMS Bounty Sinks in Sandy Wrath
Amid the gale force winds and giant storm waves as an incredible drama played out on the open seas today it was a high stakes helicopter rescue. After a replica of a two year old ship sailed straight into the wrath of the storm off the coast of the Carolinas after a grave miscalculation by the captain. Who thought don't be saved -- seed then in port. ABC's Matt -- how -- the story from Elizabeth City, North Carolina. Its final journey began last week as it headed towards -- Twitter -- in Saint Petersburg. The majestic invested told -- -- -- -- in 1962 film and gently on the bounty. Ready for explosive -- -- pirates of the Caribbean. All screen it's being used as a training ship for sailing but this is what she looks like it's often rough waters. But even before according to dedicate the bounty changed its course -- ABC news has learned. Captain Robin wall average -- east hoping to avoid the brunt of hurricane -- but kept it FaceBook to his reasoning. Saying a ship is safe -- at sea then -- -- -- twenty plus foot waves in gale force winds battered the ship causing it to lose power. The update on FaceBook -- the bounty taking on water the crew has abandoned ship. The Coast Guard got the SOS call at about midnight but it would take -- -- to -- rescue helicopter. Because of the heavy -- it took nearly seven hours before that Coast Guard chopper got to the scene. -- -- They found the -- -- 100 miles offshore bobbing like human courts. The waves topping twenty feet these -- rest of their faces -- -- -- with their chopper better fifty mile probably means there -- -- reported fast. The first Coast Guard diver is lowered down. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- With the -- fighting to hold steady -- thirty feet above the water. Rescue swimmer -- -- pulled survivors into the water. Monitors the water. I jumped in I said I -- Dan I urge you guys need to ride out that he told -- -- mountainous waves. National security from the -- Survivors were forced to -- one at a time. Side tired after six and then we went straight over to the next like crap that had three more people fourteen people total plucked from the mountainous wastes. Too well -- like. Content in fields as one of the pilots. Patton left the scene I'm sorry getting all of us now realizing that -- that have left anything behind and the -- -- their look and find. Two sailors were still missing including the captain this chopper headed back to continue the search. The HMS -- was not the only ship caught in the perfect storm today at least five cruise ships were still in -- in cities violent wind and waves. Cruise ships across the Atlantic seaboard seeking safe harbor. Passengers on the Disney fantasy cruise tossed around water sloshing over the -- the doors slamming terrified passengers told to stay in their room. Yes stayed -- arrogance -- that this that this based and he. David Nestor Evans were nearing the end of the -- Caribbean cruise when their ship got caught in the store. -- -- In our suite. Began to slam shut in hoping they captured their ordeal on videotape outside their twelfth floor window -- seats inside their cabin. Total. The ship did manage to dock safely in Florida to compensate guest for the wild ride. -- given a 25%. Discount on their next Kreutz. We felt the power of those waves this morning -- nearly 300 miles away from our location in north Carolina's outer banks but still treacherous. We were setting up for Good Morning America on -- do we thought that out of harm's way out. My producer Candace Smith swept off her feet waves engulfing us both of us were wet. Moving to higher ground. -- right. Maritime safety experts told us that cruise ship should be large enough to safely navigate heavy swells of -- storm. Like sandy but when the -- on -- 7500. Ton cruise liner was battered by heavy storms -- sick. -- -- in sexual. Did -- we've learned more about the fate of those two missing sailors one of them -- Christian was miraculously found. Rescuers were not able to resuscitate her the other was the ship's captain who tried to -- out of -- way. He is still out there are missing the ship -- -- at the Coast Guard is investigating this incident they're interviewing each and every one. Those fourteen survivors.

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{"id":17595826,"title":"HMS Bounty Sinks in Sandy Wrath","duration":"3:00","description":"Historic sailing ship goes down off the North Carolina coast, forcing the crew to be rescued.","url":"/Nightline/video/manhattan-new-york-nyc-breezy-point-rockaway-connecticut-maine-north-carolina-sandy-obama-romney-storm-superstorm-halloween-subway-east-coast-weather-hurricane-flooding-us-17595826","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}