Superstorm Sandy Halts Obama, Romney Campaigns

Massive storm forces President Obama and Mitt Romney to cancel campaign events.
3:00 | 10/30/12

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Transcript for Superstorm Sandy Halts Obama, Romney Campaigns
The midwest is bracing for the extreme weather this storm could bring. And of course the middle of the country is also home to many of the country's critical swing states over the next couple of weeks in the election. And -- only seven days ago before voting day this storm is just about the only thing that could slow down a race this tight. But both candidates have put their official campaign events on hold while the storm rages ABC's Jake Tapper reports from -- suddenly quiet. Campaign trail. Good evening Cynthia wolf President Obama was supposed to hold a rally here in Orlando Florida but hurricanes sandy made other plans for him. President Obama -- candidate Obama off the campaign trail today. Pulling a no show at his own Orlando Florida rally to race back to the White House to monitor the hurricane this is. Going to be a big. Bad. Powerful storm. In the wake of harsh criticism of the president flying to a rally in Vegas the day after -- -- Libya diplomatic post was attacked. The president took no chances today the White House released two photographs of the president being briefed on the hurricane and he came out to the briefing room to warned Americans to heat their local and state officials and underline what's truly important. I am not worried -- at this point about the impact on election I'm worried about the impact on families and -- worried about the impact. On our first responders the election -- Take care of itself next week. But there's no doubt the election is being impacted by the storm. Both candidates had planned to spend the final days of the election crisscrossing battleground states instead they're now laying low. Their campaigns -- together canceled a combined thirty events since Saturday to Obama campaign events went on but without the headliner. The 1 this morning here in Orlando and another one in Youngstown Ohio -- former President Bill Clinton and Vice President Biden after getting a blast of wind on the tarmac. Praised Obama's presidential decision. And he got up this morning -- I gotta go back right now there's storms did not hand I got a handle it. And I -- this president that is the right. All I Romney squeezed in rallies and Avon Lake Ohio and Davenport Iowa before pressing pause on his campaign. Hopefully your thoughts and prayers will join with mine and that people across the country to think about those folks that are. Harm's way we love our fellow Americans. Wish them well. This is already by some measures the closest election since modern polling. -- in 1936. With the candidates averaging a 48% to 48% tying since September. And into -- perfect storm of an election comes this storm. Slicing a path through battleground states North Carolina Virginia Ohio and New Hampshire potentially -- early voting. And who knows where the recovery from the storm will be one week from tomorrow. Thus the candidates are trying to project leadership I was speaking today with the National Weather Service and with folks -- -- -- there. Preparing for the landfall of a very very dangerous. Hurricane a tougher task perhaps for the candidate who does not run the federal government. Now Cynthia with President Obama in Washington DC you may wonder why. I and the rest of the press corps are here in Orlando Florida the bottom line is it wasn't safe for our press charter. To fly back to Washington were not exactly. Air force once -- we're sitting here waiting for President Obama to decide when he is going to resume his time on the campaign trail. And we'll catch up with him there.

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{"id":17595885,"title":"Superstorm Sandy Halts Obama, Romney Campaigns","duration":"3:00","description":"Massive storm forces President Obama and Mitt Romney to cancel campaign events.","url":"/Nightline/video/manhattan-new-york-nyc-breezy-point-rockaway-connecticut-maine-north-carolina-sandy-obama-romney-storm-superstorm-halloween-subway-east-coast-weather-hurricane-flooding-us-17595885","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}