Superstorm Sandy: Extreme Weather Impacts Politics

Sandy brings massive flooding and snow to Eastern US one week before the presidential election.
3:00 | 10/31/12

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Transcript for Superstorm Sandy: Extreme Weather Impacts Politics
-- sandy has north the winds are slowing but still the kind of extreme weather with the power to distract from -- presidential race that literally could not be closer. Just a week until Election Day my co anchor Bill -- reports from suing state country. Youngstown Ohio. Sandy maybe fifty miles outside of Pittsburgh. But she is dropping a full assortment of meteorological misery from Georgia to Wisconsin. On the West Virginia Maryland border it comes in the form of snow enough to turn nearly fifty miles of interstate into a treacherous parking. They're expecting fourteen inches of this in North Carolina. Meanwhile in Cleveland the storm -- the rock and roll hall of fame before churning up waves on Lake Michigan high enough to set records. And force folks from their mid western holds. And the fact that all of this is playing out a week before Election Day could make sandy the mother of all October surprises. And events big enough. -- climate back into the political climb. And -- frame the debate over the size of government specifically the size of federal disaster relief. And you can't always solve all the problems yourself but you can make the difference in the lives of one or two people while it looked like a campaign stop in battleground Ohio today Mitt Romney. Deliberately stepped off of the -- to accept relief donations and encourage more. But he avoided questions about his previous stance on the role of -- -- yeah. Yeah yeah. Meanwhile President Obama stayed in Washington visit the Red Cross. Tens briefings coordinate with the governors and utility CEOs. Well either a compassionate decision. Or any calculated ones depending on who is calling into -- verbs radio show in which Youngstown Ohio today you're on your -- go -- -- Where was acquitted app but it may god in four people died -- flew -- Vegas he learned his lesson that all. If not for sandy the president would abandon Youngstown this week a vital corner of a vital state that is seen 28 visits from Romney this year. Nineteen from Obama. Prison Obama wasn't able to come. As planned because of the storms. Does that do you think that hurts his cause and -- absolutely not. I think more people respect him for doing what presidents most of did. The cold post sandy drizzle in Youngstown wasn't enough to keep a lame advice are going door to door on Obama's behalf an -- hi how are you. Hello -- while a few miles away Brothers Roger and Larry Duckworth did the same for Romney. I don't think personally that. After four years of watching this president that it should change anybody's mind for days on four years of failure. -- -- But here's one Republican mind it seems to have changed at least for now. New Jersey governor Chris Christie. For his personal attention to this Obama will be with Christie in New Jersey tomorrow and -- will be in Canada. And what it all means for the election is still destined to be a November surprise. Do we -- for Nightline Youngstown Ohio.

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{"id":17604914,"title":"Superstorm Sandy: Extreme Weather Impacts Politics","duration":"3:00","description":"Sandy brings massive flooding and snow to Eastern US one week before the presidential election.","url":"/Nightline/video/manhattan-new-york-nyc-breezy-point-rockaway-connecticut-maine-north-carolina-sandy-obama-romney-storm-superstorm-halloween-subway-east-coast-weather-hurricane-flooding-us-17604914","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}