Man's Mug Shot Gains Him Internet Admirers

Jeremy Meeks earned compliments on his looks when the Stockton Police Department posted his mug shot online.
2:26 | 06/21/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Man's Mug Shot Gains Him Internet Admirers
Welcome back. Timely tonight, the story of how one especially striking convict captivated women online. Reporter: Hello, cell block 9. The chiselled cheeks, those blue eyes. It is the mugshot going viral. An alleged criminal stealing hearts all around the world. Jeremy Meeks was arrested this week, locked up in Stockton, California, accused of a host of gun and gang related crimes, including being a felon in possession of a firearm. In courtroom today, he didn't enter a plea. But the verdict is in. It's not just the mugshot. The man looks good in an Orange jump suit, too. In a jailhouse interview, Meeks on the inside seemed surprise about his new pop hearty on the outside. I appreciate that, but this is not me. I'm not some king pen. He's beautiful. A good-looking guy. Reporter: On the streets and online, quite a few are volunteering to rehabilitate this rebel. He's absolutely adorable. Whatever he did he should be pardoned. I can see why girls are attracted to him. He's got tattoos, he's got those eyes. Reporter: His mugshot has more than 75,000 likes on the Stockton police department Facebook page. It's become the most liked photo ever. Ever in the history of the page. People leaving comments hike, I wish I was his victim. I want to be in his cell. And, please take me hostage. There are offers for hideouts. If you need a place to hide from the police, my door is always open. And offers for potential jobs, like model material. Hope someone finds this guy or that will be a crime. If Orange is the new black, maybe Jeremy Meeks is the next cover male model. His face popping up all over the internet in fake ads. But if it seems he's too cute to be a criminal, police want to know that he's a convicted felon, I rested on some very serious gang and weapons charges. Also, haldys, in addition to the wrap sheet, he's a married man. For now, he's both off the market and off the streets. Our thanks to Cecilia Vega for that report.

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{"id":24242909,"title":"Man's Mug Shot Gains Him Internet Admirers","duration":"2:26","description":"Jeremy Meeks earned compliments on his looks when the Stockton Police Department posted his mug shot online.","url":"/Nightline/video/mans-mug-shot-gains-internet-admirers-24242909","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}