Maroon 5's Adam Levine's Playlist

He was the precocious kid who picked up a guitar and never put it down.
3:00 | 11/18/11

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Transcript for Maroon 5's Adam Levine's Playlist
They grabbed a Grammy Award for best new artist in 2005 and the band Maroon 5 is still riding high with their latest hit moves like Jagger. Currently billboard's number one radio saw their success. Thanks in large part to the enchanted voice -- their lead singer Adam Levine he's tonight's -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I wrote it was -- John. Few hours I just felt like I was just connected to and I really thought people -- gonna understand and love it so that was a great moment -- writing that's on which was probably a decade ago. -- -- Listening to electric avenue Miami grant. I was the first actual hard copy the first tape that I ever -- and -- let parents listened to it. All the time. And -- a little bit crazy at that time sorry to my parents. My family's been very musical -- -- appreciate music but I was obsessed with this team I love this I love that song so much still to stamp its irresistible. They're like -- what it is one of those -- Thriller was just everyone's soundtrack can. He struck out -- And I don't wanna be Michael Jackson I dance around the living room with my glove on and act like every other kid Michael Jackson was. Probably his biggest at this time so it's almost as if pop music is -- that I kind of loved so much as a kid and then night. Was thirteen 1415. It's kinda left behind and didn't he was particularly cool. I remember hearing -- for the first time being. Kind of -- -- -- -- I heard -- On the radio I was just enamored by how was this is amazing it was -- poppy music -- it was. There's a little kind of pissed off and an obnoxious -- high school I was a little. Rebellious. I want to play music I wanna do things that they are teaching me singing was never something I really wanted to do because honestly I wanted to guitar player. At a music teacher he told me at a very young age. That I had something. Special look at saying I was Silas terribly uncool -- melodic pretty voice -- Mascoll but I want on my guitar player I think -- -- guitar and that was. That was it. I felt so madly in love with -- it's all due to consume have my every thought. I should I had to play drums in my attic listened to. Doctor visits my -- just listening to and playing his -- at a karaoke machine that put. It's really bad idea that put it right but I hear that -- order to get loud enough -- have to. -- on the way and -- have these drums really crappy -- it. Don't be listening to it and playing it like almost treating it like a monitor and had a ring got so it was right platinum officially -- a problem and -- -- -- put himself. -- -- Appreciate it. Clo has made some records. Not -- they would not -- and also on his -- that I think -- amazing sounding so cool and refreshing but also rooted in. Old school which -- -- Lots of different -- to get. People interest in -- and in music. Think it's cool. -- with Christina -- moves like -- was amazing -- -- -- -- -- here Anderson for the first time was amazing. -- a very soulful kind of simple performance I felt like it was a different thing -- her. And and it was a very different thing for us so I felt really cool about. The collaboration being something new -- for both entities.

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{"id":14987580,"title":"Maroon 5's Adam Levine's Playlist","duration":"3:00","description":"He was the precocious kid who picked up a guitar and never put it down.","url":"/Nightline/video/maroon-5s-adam-levines-playlist-14987580","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}