Marriage Regret Moving Mainstream

A shocking number of women say they know they married the wrong man.
3:00 | 11/17/11

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Transcript for Marriage Regret Moving Mainstream
Marriage. And regret. The actors Demi Moore today announced she plans to divorce her much younger husband Ashton Kutcher. They've been married six years some marriages don't make it nearly that long exhibit day -- -- dashing in and her 782 day union. The authors of a new book say don't be shocked 30% of divorced women. Put all that white dress in March down the -- even though they had a sinking feeling. It wasn't on the war. The question tonight is why they do it here's ABC's Andrea -- It was billed as Kim's fairy tale wedding. It cost a reported ten million dollars. -- dressed -- your way 151000. Dollar wedding cake six feet tall. That multimillion dollar deals signed with the entertainment to make -- a television spectacular not to be missed you may be seated. But in the end did all added up to a fizzled fairy tale that lasted just seventeen day. -- -- hoax was -- a scam. Shockingly Kim says no it was really just a big mistake. I'm married for love she told her fans -- -- family and babies and a real life so badly that may be I rushed into something too soon. I believed in love and the dream of what I wanted so badly. She's -- -- in love with the idea of getting married. Rather than who the -- one's authors and Milford and Jennifer ago -- say a shocking 30% of divorced women actually knew they were marrying the wrong man. On their wedding day as they're walking down -- -- 9:0 my gosh what am I doing they should know they penned the book how not to marry the wrong guy. They interviewed hundreds of divorced women to glean wisdom from their mistakes -- doesn't. Under this agreement is anymore product and -- planning details that might be assigned to human Rombach. They single Kim Kardashian in May be famous her distorted view on marriage is part of a disturbing new trend where -- can go wrong. She ignored her gut feelings. They've uncovered the top reasons women forgo their intuition and say I do when they are really thinking I don't. Rationale number one I don't want to waste the time I have invested in this relationship. Number two all my friends are getting married I don't want to be alone. Number three he'll change after we get married and number four it's too embarrassing or expensive to call off the wedding. But they say the biggest lines bottom ball is wedding planning fever take 31 year old divorcee Christine Barrett -- so how -- you. -- walking down the -- on the day. Of Atlanta even though is everything that I had dreamed about there was still some famous -- for some reason that that Dan still -- some type of them defense. -- admits she got a little caught up in a 42 billion dollar A year wedding industry that we all know so well elaborate proposals heating in homes and. Over the top affairs. Popular reality shows like a -- -- and televised will weddings only add to the fairy tale fantasy. I was blinded by their cake by the limo the by the light cats and wasn't seen the big picture of Christine felt canceling the wedding would be too overwhelming and disappointing to others how do you feel when -- taking such important spouse. Before god. That you know really are in your heart. I don't know I was I don't think -- was thinking clearly -- the relationship would improve after they were married. But within four and a half months she had filed for divorce this wasn't the husband and I pictured in my fairy tale. Yeah -- Christine -- is another bride who says she knowingly married the wrong man in 2002. And when you see this wedding dress. What do you think I enjoyed this past -- and did enjoy that day I enjoy the -- more than the man -- That very quiet though here in the man if -- At the time she was 31 going on 32 and felt the pressure to tie the knot as soon as possible to do love him in the right way. I think not good -- I -- him because he was there and lay in he was going to be able to give me the things that I that I wanted at that time. Within seven months they were saturated within two years they were divorced. It was all the reasons why I knew I shouldn't have married him in the first place. A lot of women most say it doesn't work out I can always get a divorce and they -- estimate how people and experiences divorces he if you want. Who -- the divorce papers. Milford herself averted a divorced disaster when she was 29 years old by calling offer own wedding. Five months into the engagements. When -- -- -- hair and I felt like I -- I just knew it wasn't going to work but most women don't have the courage to jump on the proverbial horse like Julia roberts' character in runaway bride. And it's not just women who feel uneasy about the commitment remember Matthew McConaughey hang in the wedding planner. -- You're trying to -- meat. On the day of my -- -- also go through with weddings they know they shouldn't their Russia now. I don't want to disappoint this woman I don't want disappoint her family. Their best piece of advice for brides and -- with icy cold feet is simple. Save yourself a lot of headache and heartache and trouble and attorneys' fees -- And call it off before and don't say I did when he wants it now as for living happily ever after there's always act to. And eventually found mr. right they've been married eighteen years now our other brides found true love to. As the old adage goes if at first you don't succeed try try again -- -- I'm injury handing in Saint Louis.

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{"id":14979645,"title":"Marriage Regret Moving Mainstream","duration":"3:00","description":"A shocking number of women say they know they married the wrong man.","url":"/Nightline/video/marriage-regret-moving-mainstream-14979645","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}