'Is Marriage for White People?'

Author says single black females should find husbands outside their race.
5:34 | 10/20/11

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Transcript for 'Is Marriage for White People?'
Continues from New York City with Cynthia McFadden. The black girl currents. It's -- truly learned from a group before friends single women in Atlanta two years ago and term they used to describe. Their marriage prospects the fact is a staggering 7% of black women in America are unmarried. Compared to 45% of white women. This solution according to the controversial author you're about to meet for black women to -- waiting turnaround for a black man. ABC's -- Davis tackles the -- Meet Anderson is a 35 year old single black female almost plunged -- -- husband and I -- -- There -- -- salute loyalty that I feel. Toward black men perhaps that's why she's still single and she was convinced mr. Wright would be black. She's very controversial new book by Ralph Richard banks -- is marriage for white people. Its message what women should look outside their race for a husband. So on this night she's doing just that meeting eight men. Of different races. And your number is on the riot like that that happened one night and -- dean. All part of a strategy bank says will help black women like to -- can't find a husband you've suggested that black women should give up the good -- Is that. To suggest. Give up on Blackman. -- have fought the good fight they have engaged in noble endeavor. Trying to lift black men that strategy hasn't really worked. I really do it. The idea that black women should give up on black men has made people angry. -- -- -- anywhere. Advocates. I'm now waiting there already. Blogs ran wild yeah. Welcome back. -- Gayle King Oprah's best friend was horrified by the idea and by the time I was done with your book I -- -- I slit my wrists. Or is He still hopes of king after all is part of the staggering 70%. Of black women who are unmarried compared to only 45%. Of white women. It's a -- it plays like a broken record of single ladies. -- high stakes game of musical chairs black men -- the cheers and black women are often. The last one standing. Black women. Faced with the shortage of black male peers would do well to expand their options and in the same way the people of other races and to look beyond black men in -- search for partner. He's certainly not the first to point out the problems facing black women have this thing called the black -- -- In 2009. Nightline introduce you to -- -- single black professional women in Atlanta who said the same thing. A lot about life friends of mayor -- going back like happily married. He would not when He said -- -- won't -- what that means He beat out of his and it's a black here. -- Now almost two years later there's still no ring on their fingers. When night -- opened up for discussion in the town hall event the consensus among the black men. Women are looking for men that don't exist -- -- look at what this picture perfect archetype is Denzel Washington to come. Pulling up to the house and into may bag bans would what -- trunk full of Godiva chocolate and a suitcase full of 100000 dollar bills and does not go happening. Jerry is that what you're looking for no patent it and none of my friends are looking for that I don't know them that the -- bank lending. Expectations aside bank says there's an actual shortage of black men who -- ready for marriage as a social catastrophe. We're in the midst -- inspector -- imprisonment numbers. Unemployment numbers under performance. Academically he's our. Crisis -- that Americans but for the nation some critics say banks is just capitalizing on the fears of black women who are convinced they'll never tie the knot. And one review. Someone says that you use denigrate men and -- -- women and call -- -- -- of racial him. Them and I think the view this is wrong black men are actually a source of much of the disadvantage that black women -- -- his solution injuries on just how realistic it is for black women to marry outside their race. Banks points out that only 9% of black women do so compare that to Asian and Hispanic women. I'm very. So. Not at all actually and but to meet just like have some luck kindness and warmth it's been some reports that -- very. She's reunited through one of -- smile that. Of the eight states five of them said they wanted to see her again there were death. I was leave you. You might not happen. Right. I gave -- For Nightline I'm Lindsey Davis in New York.

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{"id":14775673,"title":"'Is Marriage for White People?'","duration":"5:34","description":"Author says single black females should find husbands outside their race.","url":"/Nightline/video/marriage-white-people-14775673","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}