Melrose Place: Cast Reunion

Amanda, Kimberly and Billy, the stars of the hit '90s TV drama, discuss their favorite moments.
3:00 | 10/08/12

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Transcript for Melrose Place: Cast Reunion
Finally tonight a -- -- for those who spent the ninety's glued to the -- comings and goings of the residents. Of Melrose Place for seven seasons the -- spelling production held an audience ten million strong and despite so many seasons of that back stabbing in the trails the cast. More than happy to reunite -- ABC's Amy -- -- was there. Seated and had five. Love life ended then I don't I don't think they can't beat -- -- -- combination that could -- It one game. -- and last month -- -- the united for an Entertainment Weekly cover shoot. What I thought this show before I was on it. If I just went almighty god -- that group looks so fun to be with I wanna be on that show it's been a really special cast give a favorite line. They're -- look at that it was hard sometimes delivers on those lines. You dishonest self serving pathetic drunk but when I find out I turned around -- to open a forgotten piece of thrift Madison heights -- -- -- -- -- Viewers watching those sexy men rip off their shirts and I was one of -- Maybe I had in congress Monday. And our economy -- -- I married one of the stars Andrew shoot two and a half years ago. In fact I had to make a full disclosure and your -- second day. I felt like it was a little weird. That. He -- -- asked me if I was a Philly fan or Jake ban. I had -- honest candidate can. The plot lines on Melrose and -- we're here is usable shocking and often the most parts of the. -- building blowing up. -- -- -- also. Allison who was blinded and that in the explosion and then. You better -- -- -- being so nice to her that she didn't tell anybody I said fact that. Still playing blind -- I was in -- that was my favorite story line. And of course that -- -- -- that made viewers across the country gasp or laugh or boat. Let's -- people still I imagine him up on the street talking about it you know I have to. State not as much to -- they did for years and years and then luckily. -- now they -- any opponent. The penchant for absurd story lines turned out to be reading school. You had this crazy operatic campy soap opera stuff going on. And that's formula pave the way for. Desperate Housewives and -- van. And even lost. But for all its drama Melrose Place but -- important issues to. -- a -- played openly gay Matt before Ellen DeGeneres came out on her show. I'm proud that I'm part of the history of gay characters and network television. It was certainly if you look at it now it's very antiquated but we've certainly come a long way and -- -- -- that. Even after all these years standstill yell out their characters' names. The kids don't know us but their parents -- and I don't -- -- Sydney parents say hello my name my numbers for my god yeah. Guaranteeing perhaps it continued life -- -- -- TV's most delicious completely. -- -- -- New York.

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{"id":17428883,"title":"Melrose Place: Cast Reunion","duration":"3:00","description":"Amanda, Kimberly and Billy, the stars of the hit '90s TV drama, discuss their favorite moments.","url":"/Nightline/video/melrose-place-cast-reunion-17428883","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}