Don't Mess With Texas Barbeque

Barbeque is big business nationwide, but in the Lone Star State, it's a religion.
3:00 | 07/02/13

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Transcript for Don't Mess With Texas Barbeque
The holiday weekend coming up for many that means one thing. Barbecue. And for some there's only one place to go for great ribs and brisket. Texts. With apologies to others in America's Barbeque belt. The meals Texas is serving up at people flocking from miles around to get a taste so competition to be top dog is fears. As ABC's Rachel Smith found when she traveled to the lone star state. -- on the road to having. -- -- -- -- -- -- Texas barbecue you -- -- -- -- -- -- Driving his big business nationwide. And CB CNN Carolina's. This summer that Clinton -- are squaring off for a barbecue -- and -- Franklin's that. A typical day blitz something like this and the lines never seemed to -- dale and opened up doors to eleven but. CNN of our hourly most of the top spots -- hours of waiting. I was going to be -- at 8 AM but -- just couldn't -- like got down here at 730. Even then. Is still are guaranteed a chance to taste payments -- -- Nobody seems to mind is all part -- That city experience. -- -- -- -- As the best advertisement for the barbecue business -- the customers themselves. Great barbecue -- its parent -- This lot of stuff up the road once the food that's been declared that he best barbecue in high and I Huntsville. That's food critics and advocates -- -- the other way -- on the -- to go. Perhaps apple point this. Is Franklin barbecue. It -- -- came -- every day PM offhand. Upwards of 15100 Almonte times. Have love to be. The overwhelming to -- -- for this elite meats can mean Texas sized profits but to fight over. -- Franklin's massive success he says. The key to its mouth -- meet. Is keep the business small. We're not ever get a franchise or not ever got to open multiple locations. We're pretty much here this is what we do. But my business minded chefs see the opportunity for barbecue go. This location here we went -- about a million pounds of brisket lead -- around a half a million pounds four Koreans about a quarter million pounds of sausage. And too many tickets. That -- -- that -- in driftwood Texas is known justice and that's what we experience. As it is the -- never ending thing. Best brands that had on the. But I'm you -- -- have -- happy holidays mean the brisket. Anywhere from anything that went throughout and they start -- all the rest up around 630 -- it isn't that can't happen -- think it makes me. Here back -- you went back if the people. It has stated -- -- barbecue hot spots are driving. Why is being fueled by social media -- massive cult like following all over the country and here. -- a long way. Outside of Boston his barbecue capital -- -- Analog -- droves of people from across the country on an old school -- and build the best out. -- -- All over the country in -- military. -- -- -- -- this committee markets and sensory overload. -- then it's open pit lane -- sentencing. -- thing we're doing we're here in Texas is brisk. Daniel lines affectionately known as the buttons and really it's bound. -- come -- usually my user like brown V. We take that put it into the smokers and then -- fourteen hours later have something like one of the greatest -- and everything -- something that's hard not into. -- love for barbecue with into the career with a high paying job -- the architects. -- -- -- -- reason only garbage and editor at Texas monthly. It's more than just throwing mile fire it's not -- -- Meat lovers -- the award winning. On lines this moment there -- places in the state run -- -- it and you're just important. It's usually -- good news. And ended up fifteen hours each side has it -- that -- Beats the beat Texas. -- whichever way -- -- barbecue and about bringing people together. That somebody cares so much. About like one piece -- -- advocate for twelve hours that he. And really -- what this thing for a secretive guerrilla that's really kind of attention. -- -- --

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{"id":19561525,"title":"Don't Mess With Texas Barbeque","duration":"3:00","description":"Barbeque is big business nationwide, but in the Lone Star State, it's a religion.","url":"/Nightline/video/mess-texas-barbeque-19561525","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}