Michael Jackson Doc Found Guilty

Dr. Conrad Murray was convicted on involuntary manslaughter in L.A. court.
3:00 | 11/07/11

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Transcript for Michael Jackson Doc Found Guilty
Guilty is the verdict tonight in the trial of Michael Jackson's Doctor Conrad Murray. Convicted of involuntary manslaughter in the star's death almost two and a half years ago. After six weeks of hearing evidence it took the jury just under nine hours to decide that -- action. Had cost Jackson his life. Here's ABC's Jim Avila in Los Angeles with the latest Jim. -- the Houston cardiologist brought to Los Angeles at a whopping 150000. Dollars a month to try to put Michael Jackson to sleep. Tonight -- for the Los Angeles County Jail. Conrad -- a friend and personal doctor to one of the most famous men in the world found guilty of killing his one and only page. Michael Jackson's parents to -- insist the -- is. Russian -- with high hopes. The -- -- tweeting on -- verdict is finally -- I'm shaking uncontrollably. Promising followers that Michael would be with them in the courtroom. Assuring -- right verdict once inside the family sat just a few feet away from the stoic Doctor Conrad Murray. The moments tension broken by a scream from the -- as the verdict was read. We the jury in we have all -- -- election. Find the deep -- -- Conrad Robert Murray. Guilty. Of the class of involuntary manslaughter outside the courtroom. -- erupted in shouts just. As back inside prosecutors were asking for Conrad Murray to be handcuffed on the spot. Pakistan then people would ask that the defendant be remanded into custody. And the judge agreed ordering Conrad Murray to be handcuffed in the courtroom and as a danger to the public Doctor Murray is remanded to the custody of the Los Angeles sheriff with no bail. And -- that the heart doctor prosecutors say body hit the lottery -- hired by Jackson. Was ushered away in handcuffs. Stripped of his medical license now waiting to hear if he'll spend up to four years in the California prison system. Sentencing is November -- -- -- nine. We're talking about an involuntary manslaughter. Charge. For someone with no criminal record and -- no evidence that would suggest he might flee to this was pretty aggressive for the judge to say. -- The Jackson family leaving the courthouse to cheers Joseph Jackson saying cryptically. In the -- expressing pleasure with the verdict. That's just like -- -- like yeah. The jury heard 49 witnesses and saw nearly 400 exhibits in all including Jackson's voice recorded by Conrad Murray cellphone. Mike Nolan outside his inner circle -- heard before. And -- Conrad Murray did not testify the jury did hear his voice to talking to police two days after Jackson's death. Telling them Michael was desperate to sleep in -- to give him milk or as it's known in the operating room pro -- I -- greeted. -- -- -- The impact witnesses -- paramedics and ER doctors who says Conrad Murray never mentioned global fall to them while they attempted to save Jackson's life. The bodyguard who said Doctor -- wanted in the hide evidence before calling 911. And the medical experts who said -- -- -- should never be used in the home setting. At the level of -- fallen Jackson's body led to one conclusion Conrad Murray set up but Jerry rigged IV to constantly driven local -- the Mike. Jackson's system which feeling that the defense was always facing an uphill battle here because of the number of mistakes. That Conrad Murray made and the number of things he did he shouldn't -- The jury transported by vans to a secret location outside Los Angeles. And then making their way home did not respond to any questions yet -- good to be done. In three weeks doctor Marie will hear is they -- something he may never -- imagined just after Michael's death. When he made this YouTube appeal to his patience to stick with it. I will be fine. I have done all I could do. I told the troops. And I have face the truth will prevail. A journey that began as a road to riches ending with a doctor losing his meal ticket his medical license and now his freedom. In Los Angeles I'm Jim Avila for Nightline.

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{"id":14901755,"title":"Michael Jackson Doc Found Guilty","duration":"3:00","description":"Dr. Conrad Murray was convicted on involuntary manslaughter in L.A. court.","url":"/Nightline/video/michael-jackson-doc-found-guilty-14901755","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}