Michelle Obama, Bernie Sanders kick off Democratic National Convention

Unlike the 2016 DNC, this year's convention is fully digital. The first day tackled issues that ranged from disparities highlighted by COVID-19 to the future of USPS.
7:52 | 08/18/20

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Transcript for Michelle Obama, Bernie Sanders kick off Democratic National Convention
Tonight the unprecedented move by the democratic party, launching the political tradition held every four years and going virtual in the pandemic. The coronavirus and other tough issues taking center stage on the first night of the DNC, wrapping up moments ago and for the latest we go straight to Mary Bruce reporting from our nation's capitol. Mary? Juju, the Democrats kicked off a convention like none other. No packed floor or cheering or applause, instead, a series of speeches and videos, from across the country and party. The goal was to show that Joe Biden can speak to all Americans, not just Democrats. Tonight was a chance for the democratic party to show they were united so we heard from Biden's rivals, senator Bernie Sanders and while we briefly heard from the candidate himself in a conversation with racial justice leaders, his big acceptance speech will not come until Thursday. His challenge over the next three days is to not just make the case against president trump, but to also convince voters that he, Joe Biden is the right person to carry the country forward. Thank you, -- Tonight it's the star powers lending their support to the If you take one thing from my words tonight, it is this. If you think things cannot possibly get worse, trust me, they can and they will if we don't make a change in this election. Michelle Obama, delivering an impassioned keynote speech on the first night of the democratic national convention. If we have any hope of ending the chaos, we have to vote for Joe Biden like our lives depend on it. The former first lady and the former two-time presidential contender and rabble-rouser, senator Bernie Sanders making the case for Joe Biden. I say to you for those that supported other candidates in the primary and those that may have voted for Donald Trump in the last election. The future of our democracy is at stake. Virtual speaker after speaker -- The Joe I know is exactly the leader our country needs right Joe Biden and kamala heirs will lead by example. So we will need a president, who sees unifying people as a requirement of the job. Drawing a sharp contrast from the former vice president and the current president. Donald Trump. Continuing to follow that path, will have terrible consequences for America's soul. Bernie once again urging those that backed his Progressive presidential bid to rally behind the moderate front-runner in November. Our campaign ended several months ago, but our movement continues and it's getting stronger every day. Tonight's message, set aside differences, in the name of unity. A call to departments after a primary season that saw 28 candidates coming down to one. He ISES the kind of leader that brings other leaders in. Tonight's taped speeches are a far cry from the fan fair and the chanting of the 2016 convention. Hillary Clinton must become the next president of the united States. Michelle Obama, owning the stage. Coining that now familiar slogan. When someone is cruel or acts like a bully, you don't stoop to their level. No, our motto is when they go low, we go high. It was an unconventional day in the DNC, a first virtual convention, taking places in Milwaukee's Wisconsin center. The theme of the night, "We the people," with video testimonies from every day Americans. My dad was a healthy 65-year-old, his only pre-existing condition was trusting Donald Trump and for that, he paid with his life. But it was a star studded affair from actress Eva Longoria. Every four years we come together to reaffirm our democracy, this year we have come to save it. To Leon bridges. but it's just another day And performances by Billy porter and Stephen stills. Got to stop, children, what's that sound everybody look what's going down How are you? Thanks for doing this. The candidate himself Joe Biden making an appearance in a speaking about racial justice. We cannot have 18,000 police departments and in 2020 have police departments still allowing the use of a knee on a -- of a man's neck. The call for a moment of silence to honor their brother and all those whose lives were lost due to racial injustice. Our actions must be their we must find ourselves in what John Lewis called good trouble. Today played out over the backdrop of a global pandemic, over 170,000 people is have died from the global pandemic. A central part of tonight as theme. New York's governor Cuomo, delivering one of his trademark presentations, calling out president trump. Only a strong body can fight off the virus. And America's divisions weakened it. Donald Trump did not create the initial division. The division created trump. He only made it worse. In Wisconsin, president trump hitting the campaign trails speaking to a crowd of several hundred. Criticizing Joe Biden and his virtual convention. But these are people that are seriously radical left, Joe Biden is nothing but their he has no clue what is happening. And they are making speeches that are taped. Who wants to listen to Michelle Obama do a taped speech. The counter programming coming as the president fin himself at the moment fighting from behind. Yes, trump definitely still has a shot at re-election. 538 launched the first forecast. Showing Biden with a 72% chance of securing the white house come November. Trump's chances only slightly lower on election night 2016. The bottom line, it's simply too soon for a model or anybody else to be too confident about what is going on happen. A number of Republican politicians entering enemy territory. Crossing party line wills to oppose their own parties incumbent. Uniting against a common foe with a goal, defeat Donald Trump. I'm meg Whitman, a long time Republican and CEO. I'm a former Republican member of congress from New York City and I have known Donald Trump for most of my political career. So disappointing and lately so disturbing. Then introducing Ohio governor John Kasich. I'm a life-long Republican. But that attachment holds second place to my responsibility to my country. That's why I have chosen to appear at this convention. Tonight, he endorsed the former vice president. We can do better. And what we have been seeing today for sure and I know that Joe Biden with his experience and his wisdom and his decency can bring us together to help us find that better way. Setting the tone as the Democrats worked this week to sway American voters. And coming up the Republicans

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{"duration":"7:52","description":"Unlike the 2016 DNC, this year's convention is fully digital. The first day tackled issues that ranged from disparities highlighted by COVID-19 to the future of USPS.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"72437383","title":"Michelle Obama, Bernie Sanders kick off Democratic National Convention","url":"/Nightline/video/michelle-obama-bernie-sanders-kick-off-democratic-national-72437383"}