Michelle Obama on Helping Military Families

First lady talks about her passion for improving the lives of those who serve and their families.
3:00 | 10/09/12

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Transcript for Michelle Obama on Helping Military Families
More our series with the first lady of the United States Michael accuracy -- McFadden back for that we got a little taste of Michelle Obama at home last night tonight you. To go on the road we do indeed bell. Well unemployment of course is dog her husband's administration -- veterans and their families among the hardest hit. Bush promises before her husband ran for president she knew little about the struggles of military families. But the people she met across the country so touched her. She's devoted herself to be making a difference we went to Florida with her for our series the contenders family -- its. We're waiting on the tarmac -- the first lady's plane lands it made forty naval base in Jacksonville fla. It happens as you might expect -- -- military precision. A line of officers waiting to greet her I'm problem. Leave like most Americans where my -- connection to military life is pretty tangential. So most Americans like me they just don't have a clear idea of sacrifice many of these men and women -- their families made. Her husband campaigned on ending the war in Iraq from wall that has happened the war and Afghanistan and still be dissolved. Seventeen US troops killed just last month. The pressures on military families are intent. Multiple deployments figuring out what you do with the child when you -- -- for the seventh or eighth time from state to state state. And I was floored by the story that I heard and I thought well look I don't know about this -- educated consider myself pretty well informed about a lot of issues. Didn't know these stories. She says those stories motivated her and vice president's wife Jill Biden to create a program called joining forces. -- message. Sesame Street well let's together people in your neighborhood who are serving in the military because they and their families need our support -- to prime time. Helping expand community center for homeless emailed them. On extreme makeover. Home edition and but the toughest problems of -- television cameos cannot solve. Like the crushing unemployment rate among returning vets had nine point 7% its nearly two points worse than the dismal numbers for the rest of Americans. I won't be satisfied -- -- my husband until every single veteran and military spouse. Who wants a job has. All of you deserve nothing less -- England it's. She's come to Florida today with good news. With encouragement from joining forces 2000 companies have stepped up -- provided over a 125000. Jobs. For returning vets and their spouses. With a promise to double that. They've learned how to translate their service training to the private sector and that takes a little time to figure out. You know it's somebody's been flying a helicopter. What can they do -- a real world you know -- somebody's been doing -- logistics in Afghanistan maybe I can figure out how that makes cents. We met some of the veterans have been hired to the program. This group all employed by Citibank. My -- jobless that anti submarine warfare. You're hunting submarines and -- how does that apply to what sit back. Well a lot of -- easy management these people skills a lot of folks were down. Only to do the same type of role in -- civilian -- -- that role today. And if not they've been. You'll somewhat -- -- -- they don't know what can I do now in this initiative really opens up and says there's so much more you can do. You don't have to -- case summaries. Very few people were doing that civilian lives. The problem seems to be having an impact from July of last year to July of this year -- 20%. Fewer unemployed vets. They are fighting for. The rights and freedoms of all about. And that's what's -- me about. This effort that's why -- so passionate in his theory about it because. People -- you have hit and you know you just want to make it right. You keep this up in -- nationally is planning have a perfect -- I think that if one of my daughter's name and told me that they wanted to serve. I'd be worried I'd be like any mom might be concerned. About their safety but I would support them -- Because I think that this kind of training is -- experience of some of the best training and experience that young people can get.

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{"id":17438971,"title":"Michelle Obama on Helping Military Families","duration":"3:00","description":"First lady talks about her passion for improving the lives of those who serve and their families.","url":"/Nightline/video/michelle-obama-helping-military-families-17438971","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}