'Miracle' Baby Survives Tornado

A tearful homecoming after a tornado hurled a pregnant woman 100 feet.
3:23 | 10/28/11

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Transcript for 'Miracle' Baby Survives Tornado
The storms struck with the biblical fury more than a hundred tornadoes ripping through the American south six months ago today. Much of the small town of Phil Campbell Alabama was levels 26 were killed there. But there are also incredible stories of survival the came out of that day and here is ABC's Steve doesn't -- with one. On -- drive on the 27 of April and Phil Campbell Alabama. The winds were 210 miles an -- strong and hard to believe anyone could've survived. When Mitchell and Amanda Johns were last here she was five months pregnant. And they were -- and a quarter on their knees praying for god to spare them and to -- their unborn child from the tornado that. -- come from their home. And I hope Caricom Martin can't you know thanking them myself -- eight put myself and -- positioned -- Italy's. Save my baby 26 people lost their lives that day and Renee Berry -- 52 year old mother was one. I was I don't think do you. In a toothpick thin -- -- than me and into -- way. And we team -- he left -- reason so -- and they assume though remain. And I think it included. You. The Stanley was right in the path of the storm and when it passed Mitchell was unconscious after a flying piece of bullet pierced the side of his head. Amanda was thrown a hundred feet her right foot nearly cut in two and she was in danger of losing her baby. Flying debris had -- -- her -- and by the time help. Immediately tell them how desperate battles break health and that no man just spam and discovered that I had a hole in my -- Mitchell was sent off for treatment at another hospital while Amanda's desperate doctors -- and -- and turned her upside down. Hoping to keep the baby from entering this world too soon. After a few long days she says their miracle happened. The -- that threaten the baby's life started healing on its own her labor -- -- -- way. In an inmate -- as if they -- -- This miraculous -- wonderful. Amanda Mitchell were reunited in June and on September 1 a very healthy and seven pound baby boy named -- was -- His spirits have a sense of humor and you need to store. How do you feel it when enough people call your son a miracle. And mean. These are here as an added added I keep thinking you know anything was learned there is -- -- -- it it is. Guaranteeing. Today they're still recovering from -- serious -- Amanda could barely walk. Mitchell can barely see out -- this month died and can hardly moved his right hand. Tonight they're living in a donated apartment and still don't know how the money will come but they told me they're happy and loving every new. Up life with their new son. -- -- in the -- McCain and and we had this little baby here to take care if kids to take care less -- have a bad day. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- in the world. For Nightline I'm -- and -- in Bill Campbell helped him.

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{"id":14831706,"title":"'Miracle' Baby Survives Tornado","duration":"3:23","description":"A tearful homecoming after a tornado hurled a pregnant woman 100 feet.","url":"/Nightline/video/miracle-baby-mom-survive-tornado-14831706","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}