Ex-Miss Washington USA on Resigning Over DUI Conviction

Stormy Keffeler pleaded guilty in September of driving with a blood alcohol level nearly three times the legal limit.
2:19 | 01/16/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Ex-Miss Washington USA on Resigning Over DUI Conviction
It's just the latest scandal to rock the world of beauty pageants. Stormy kefler, miss Washington usa, resigning in disgrace for not disclosing an incident that got her in trouble with the law. Now even top pageant executives are asking fans not to judge. Here's ABC's Neal Karlinsky. Stormy kefler! Reporter: Literally the crowning achievement for seattle-area beauty queen stormy kefler, winning miss Washington usa 2016 last October. Everything was coming true. Reporter: But tonight it's all just a painful memory. I have resigned as miss Washington usa. I think that's the best and bravest thing that I could possibly do. Reporter: The unraveling began when kefler was caught driving with two flat tires. Her eyes droopy, bloodshot, watery. Her speech was very slurred, according to the police report. Before this all happened I rarely ever drank. It just happens that the one night that my phone died, couldn't call an Uber, it was really the perfect storm that led to this. Reporter: She pleaded guilty to drunk driving with a blood alcohol Reading nearly three times the legal limit. But she never disclosed it to pageant officials. Everybody's telling me how I should be ashamed of myself, how I'm an unfit role model, all of these things. But -- I mean, there's really nothing that anybody can say that I haven't thought worse about myself. Reporter: Even in light of her legal trouble, she thinks she has qualifications worthy of the crown. I still to this day think I am a perfect role model. Some days it happens to be the exact role model of what not to do. Reporter: Still, the controversy keeps coming. We have one victim, stab wound, lower abdomen -- Reporter: Seattle police had been investigating a bizarre scene in which kefler was with Marco popel, professional soccer player for the Seattle sounders, when he was mysteriously stabbed in the stomach. Marco is okay, no charges have been filed, kefler was never accused of wrongdoing. Tonight the fallen beauty queen won't comment on it. She says she's focusing on rebuilding her reputation. I'm still hopeful that I still have the opportunity to change the world. Reporter: For "Nightline" I'm Neal Karlinsky in Seattle.

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{"duration":"2:19","description":"Stormy Keffeler pleaded guilty in September of driving with a blood alcohol level nearly three times the legal limit.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"36329054","title":"Ex-Miss Washington USA on Resigning Over DUI Conviction","url":"/Nightline/video/miss-washington-usa-resigning-dui-conviction-36329054"}