Gadhafi: Death of a Dictator

The gripping story of how U.S.-backed forces cornered and killed the Libyan lead
7:47 | 10/21/11

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Transcript for Gadhafi: Death of a Dictator
The death of another loads of Middle Eastern tyrant a man. Who -- also for decades as sponsor of international terror Moammar Khaddafi. Seven months ago the United States through its support behind rebel forces and -- -- today those fighters finally got their man. ABC's Christiane -- -- report joins us tonight with the details Christiane hottest it all finally -- -- Cynthia another one bites the dust has been a very bad year for -- in that part of the world as people in the Arab world -- really still fighting for their feet and somebody told me. Mama get up it was like a vampire to these people they had to see him dead in order to believe that He would never come back again. He was dragged through -- -- today it was quite graphic and we have to worn -- -- is that the video of his last moments is quite difficult to watch. It's an astonishing scene Moammar Gadhafi once one of the world's most powerful -- it is. Battered and -- the fear -- visible on his -- as death news. But -- how to believe this was him just months ago laughing off the armed rebellion. The -- day finally ended his. 42 years of boom of the media they'd -- me or might be relieved -- -- -- all. But if they do not an indictment to have -- but let me in my mind giving it would be his final interview. And his legendary eccentricity was on full display. The president of the United States the leaders of written and other leaders according -- you to step down to leave Libya to leave your position of power when you do that. This America why do we leave my whom. Widely -- yeah. He never did I'm. And today He died at the hands of his own people. Aided by a seven month bombing campaign led by Britain and France and the United States the dark shadow of tyranny has been lifted. And -- this enormous promise. Libyan people now have a great response bill. Just 27 when He first came to power in media. Gadhafi was a dashing figure who -- created a cult of personality. Dressed in flashy outfits that bordered on costume. He surrounded himself with a -- -- of heavily armed women known as the amazonian god. He welcomed visiting dignitaries. In -- -- to keep it where -- He won. Perhaps his most infamous moment. Was the bombing of pan am 103 over Lockerbie Scotland which killed 270. People most of them Americans. -- -- in media He created an institute -- world that He ruled with an iron fist. As you drove through the streets of Tripoli the capital his image was everywhere and -- -- -- within even his own family. A father to eight children by two wives his offspring would just as outlandish as their father. One son -- in Beyonce including New Year's Eve party. Another -- kept -- pet lion at the Tripoli zoo. And Gadhafi is glamorous to a tie shut with had dyed blond hair was known as the Claudia -- of North Africa. So what was it like to live in -- is world. Tonight we bring you an exclusive look from the very unlikely source at every opportunity I -- Jacquelyn Frazier. A young American woman who became a member of the inner circle. And from then what's the -- slowly unravel. What is a blond American go from for months. Doing in the heart of darkness how did you end up in Libya. Mutual friend in Los Angeles who introduced Smith how to get -- Saudi Gadhafi was long considered a Playboy even among his high living family. He had left Libya for -- when He had a brief an unspectacular career as a professional soccer plan. But by last year He would return to Libya with the intention of helping to create new business in the country. And I was hired to be. A liaison between incoming American companies for project He was working and when you -- to. Tripoli what did you think and the plane landed -- got out for the first time what was going through your mind. It was so real I thought very few women -- and about on the streets and and my environment -- -- kind of navigated the streets of Tripoli and what was that like being the only -- -- -- being a woman. Being American and -- ever worry about their very welcoming him of the they love. In anyone's coming and it shows I think that's kind of prosperity that their countries coming up so they love to see -- -- upon American woman represents the future them. And Jackie felt good about the future review -- as foreign investment Boldin. And she says the -- -- always treated her well. I didn't feel the oppression -- the kind of culture paranoia. That you would as a typical Libyan so I saw the best parts of Libya so when you become -- way did you become aware of you. The dark side of the -- at -- -- -- dysfunction -- in the family early on because I knew there was a lot of combat competition. Civil -- Over. Attention from the father. Success. The chance to prove that they were. Not only a good son but a good leader there were times when He would favor one son and -- son would feel very confident -- in the father would change favor. And favor another sign and that created -- Fissures within their family. Sued her concerns were much bigger than family dynamics. The country had started to buck on to deduct these rules and -- -- -- stood earnings of the revolution. In Easton media. How did you receive the first rumblings of the -- very little adding that's one of the reasons that plays into this kind of denial factor for the family in -- Libyans. Was there was very little rumbling. So when net -- fell and when. Egypt now with two countries on both sides falling asked the question many times what is your plan what is happening and nothing. Was it scary it weapons -- until the day. After it happened after -- revolution when we knew all things -- really starting to move and gas Gary. She says -- Duffy and his family including denial she was with us today -- into -- the colonel about who to call. We were running -- I asked the gentleman next knew what time is gonna get started and the response from the Libyan handler was. He has the will of the gods and you'll arrive just the right time so I did think He was very charismatic. But it was also cleared mean. How out of touch with reality. They did they believe it when -- -- people saying inside down with -- we want him out I think fell. I I still question with that question myself and apple that. I I don't think that they believed -- a and -- don't think many people were telling them that they were not like. What did you -- I told him -- killer -- I told them. Not only that that they weren't like that that in the -- and ultimately. They would win by. Playing -- this in -- western way. Which is not to shut down and become. Closed off and not allowed journalists to interview people who have put -- dissension they felt that if they had to -- -- and one. And in the end it was the -- don't -- from the Simon. The dictated -- The fate -- has -- gives him. Are you surprised that they didn't give up that they didn't leave home I don't think there's -- has only two ways for -- -- -- debtor in jail. A bloody legacy that today came to a bloody end the -- -- this is Christiane Amanpour.

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{"id":14784362,"title":"Gadhafi: Death of a Dictator","duration":"7:47","description":"The gripping story of how U.S.-backed forces cornered and killed the Libyan lead","url":"/Nightline/video/moammar-gadhafi-death-dictator-14784362","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}